A cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink prepared with espresso, hot milk, and steamed-milk foam. The name comes from the Capuchin friars, referring to the colour of their habits. A cappuccino is a coffee drink topped with micro-foamed milk. It is made in a steam-producing espresso machine. Espresso is poured into the bottom third of the cup, and is followed by a similar amount of hot milk. The top third of the drink consists of milk foam; this foam is often decorated with artistic drawings made with the same milk called latte art. Shaved chocolate, raw sugar, cinnamon, or other spices are often sprinkled onto the top of the finished drink and one can also melt chocolate into the coffee before pouring the milk. Cappuccinos are served with a teaspoon and then consumed. In a traditional cappuccino, as served in Europe and artisan coffee houses in the United States, the total of espresso...
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