Big Fat Indian Weddings

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Inflation might have burned a hole in the aam admi's pocket but  Indian weddins are as big and fat as ever!! Here is the Big Fat Indian Wedding guide for everyone. Follow to share & view photos & videos shared by other users.
Sajjan Singh
Sajjan Singh commented on the blog by Nina S
on Dec 14, 2014 , 11:42 pm
Nina S - Funniest things that happen only at Indian weddings!
Everyone of us has had the pleasure of attending an Indian wedding whether it's been that cousin's do or a friend's crazy alcohol filled three day sleaze fest. And while our sense of humour may have evaded us then, in retrospect let's face it no one parties harder than uncles and aunties out to prove a point. So here's my list of the funniest things only Indians do at weddings. No Indian wedding is complete without it's share of one upmanship. That's where fat bejeweled auntyjis come into the more »
Amit Grover
Amit Grover and 9 more commented on the blog by Monika Rawal
on Dec 13, 2014 , 09:19 am
Monika Rawal - Reasons why I hate attending Indian weddings!
Having attended as many as 8 weddings in last 2 weeks, I am dead tired. Yet in the perfect state of mind to write this blog... why I hate attending Indian weddings. Though it's funny that the very irony lies in the title of this blog, because I actually love Indian weddings... Right from dressing up bright, meeting cousins, dancing non-stop, eating great food and enjoying all the rituals... everything about weddings sound so fancy! But after an overdose of weddings this season, I think it's more »
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