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Growing old is a natural process - a mix of physical, psychological and social change – though it’s entirely up to you how you can enjoy the phenomenon of graceful ageing. Personal care, relationships, health issues et al – join this interest and explore ways on how to slow the process of ageing and enjoy it with the flow of time.
Ravi Raj
Ravi Raj and commented on the discussion by Piyali Bannerjee
on Sep 14, 2014 , 10:38 pm
Piyali Bannerjee - Can regular exercise delay ageing?
According to a latest study exercising regularly has shown an improvement on the quality of life. But the benefit of exercising does not end there, the study further says that it also slows down the rate at which the human body more »
Gopiraman Alok
Gopiraman Alok and 2 more commented on the discussion by deodte jaste
on Aug 07, 2014 , 09:27 pm
deodte jaste - Great Anti Aging Skin Care Advice
Enter DescriptiThe TCA rind should be more to every opposed ageing strip mend programme.Other praise is outride out of the sun and delapidate a sun disrupt or application with a drunk SPF (Sun Assets Figure). Damaging UV rays faculty age your pare, more »
Priyanka and 4 more commented on the blog by Rajesh Vyas
on Jul 27, 2014 , 04:43 pm
Rajesh Vyas - Your skin needs a drink!
It’s a known fact that your skin goes haywire during summer. The sweat gets to you and there’s no way you can wear makeup, thanks to the gruelling heat.But the worst part is that your skin’s left feeling dehydrated. That’s why you need to make sure it stays moisturised in the summer, just like it does during the winter. Why moisturise? The sun’s UV rays and pollution tend to speed up the ageing process, mostly by causing damage to the collagen structure that supports the ski more »
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