An affair is a sexual relationship or a romantic friendship or passionate attachment between two people. A romantic affair, also called an affair of the heart, may refer to sexual liaisons among unwed parties, or to various forms of nonmonogamy. Unlike a casual relationship, which is a physical and emotional relationship between two people who may have sex without expecting a more formal romantic relationship, an affair is by its nature romantic. Affair may also describe part of an agreement within an open marriage or open relationship, such as swinging, dating, or polyamory, in which some forms of sex with one's non-primary partner(s) are permitted and other forms are not. Participants in open relationships, including unmarried couples and polyamorous families, may consider sanctioned affairs the norm, but when a non-sanctioned affair occurs, it is described as infidelity and may be experienced as adultery, or a betrayal both of trust and integrity, even though to most people it...
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Vinay Malhotra
Vinay Malhotra commented on the discussion by Samira Kapoor
7 hrs ago
Samira Kapoor - 'Help! Colleague dating our married boss'
I have been working in an MNC for the past 4 years. I am a part of a 10-member team which is led by a 35-year-old married man. Now, everything was going fine at work until my colleague and my boss started having a steaming-hot affair. They had kept more »
Hirdesh Chaturvedi
Hirdesh Chaturvedi and 8 more commented on the blog by Sheetal Singh
9 hrs ago
Sheetal Singh - Hostel Life: hurray we are hostelers !!!!
Hostel life is the best part of any ones life it becomes big bang party at most odd hours .So lets get the glance whats make homely girls crave for hostel life .when we come at hostel we come across different species from one corner to another corner of small globe and there is a vast variety of people ,we are struck inside in a loop where there is no end you have to deal with so many creepy strangers ultimately they become your lifelong friend.There are numerous things that make hostel life a more »
Sonam Chauhan
Sonam Chauhan started the Discussion
on Sep 02, 2014 , 05:06 pm
Haryana Politicians Make Buzz in Haryana Election - 2014
Haryana Politician Venod Sharma first got elected from Banur in Punjab in the year 1980. He was the President of Chandigarh Union territory¬† for 10 years starting from the year 1988. Vinod Sharma was included MoS(Minister of Civil Supplies, more »
Narona Vishwanath
Narona Vishwanath uploaded Photos
on Sep 02, 2014 , 05:00 pm
Pravesh and 2 more commented on the discussion by Rahul Agarwal
on Sep 02, 2014 , 02:45 pm
Rahul Agarwal - Pm's speech on teacher's day
should p m give a speech to children on teacher's day?is it right or wrong? more »
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