Get a hang of the all new itimes from the FAQs below. For any further queries , write in to response@itimes.com
What is itimes all about?

Itimes is an Interest Network! Interest is any topic or hobby that you love and would love to tell the world about. It's also a great forum to showcase your breadth of knowledge on a subject, person, place or just tell a story.The Interest Based Network empowers you to create posts of all types (polls, blogs, photos, videos) on interests other people may own, or just create an interest and make sure you update the world, while others follow.

Why the ALL new itimes?

The all new itimes comes with a revamped design for a better experience, more focus on trending content and improved navigation.

The largest collection of Katrina Kaif photos, a recipe you always wanted to share with the World or a Poll that you thought would always bring out the truth. itimes empowers you to create content on your favourite topics.

What happened to the old categories?

The new version of itimes has retained some of the old categories like Showbiz, People, Lifestyle, Opinions and some new categories have been introduced like Travel, Bizarre and Food.

Where are the points I had earned on itimes

itimes.com has implemented the Times Points program which is a common loyalty program for users of the Times Network. Your points will show up based on the activity you do from the point the program is implemented.

What are Interests?

Any interest is any topic or hobby that you chose to contribute on itimes. It's a collection of posts/content on any given topic on the network.

On owning an interest you have the responsibility of keeping it updated with relevant posts. For e.g if you own the interest Amitabh Bachchan, you have to ensure that you constantly add new content to it so that people following this interest remain updated . Your deep knowledge on an interest will prompt people to follow you and you will earn points on every activity you do.

What are Posts?

Posts are first level of content created on the site. Every post must have an interest name tagged to it. A maximum 5 interests and a minimum of one interest can be tagged with any post. Once submitted, you cannot change the tagged interests for a post. However, more interests can be added at a later stage if originally the post was not tagged with 5 interests.

What is the difference between Interests and Posts?

Any interest is any topic or hobby that you chose to create on itimes by adding the description, photos, and tagging related interests. The posts are created by tagging one or more interests to them. In doing so, all people who follow the tagged interests will be notified of the new post on their user profiles. Hence, the more relevant interests you tag, the more is the likelihood of it reaching a wider audience.

What are the different types of posts that I can create?

There are four types of posts.

What happened to the discussions?

The discussions have been merged with blogs. All discussions you created can now be seen under the My Blogs tab in your profile page and can be browsed from the Blogs section of the site. We encourage you to create interesting blogs and share them with friends on other social networks as well.

How am I given points?

A user is awarded points based on the activity he does on the site. Every activity has different points attributed to it. The points can be redeemed from timespoints.com by signing in using your itimes ID

What does 'following' mean?

You can choose to follow Interests and People. By following them you will receive regular updates on your wall and notifications about their activity. Following a user does not require the consent of the person you are following. However, he can choose to block you from following him.

Can I keep my itimes profile private?


How do I signup into itimes.com?

You can create an account in itimes.com using direct signup or any of the following social connects of Facebook, Google.

What is linking of accounts?

Linking accounts allows you to sign in to itimes using different connects and share the content with your friends on the connected social networks.

Can I delete an Interest I created?

No. You cannot delete an interest once created.

How do I change my email notification preferences?

You can change your email notification preferences from the Notifications page

How can I change my password?

You can change your password from the settings page of your profile.

Why do I need to tag an Interest to each post.

Adding interests to a post is mandatory. You can add a maximum of 5 interests to a post. Your post feeds populate the wall feeds of the interests you have tagged your post with allowing for distribution of your content to relevant audience.

What are the three tabs on my wall?

Your wall shows the activity updates of the people and interests you are following on the site. The second tab on your wall shows your own activity updates. Other users who see your wall will see your activity on this tab when they view your profile on the site. The third tab is the ‘Bookmarks’ tab which shows the posts that you have bookmarked to be read later.

Can I edit my posts and to what level?

Yes. You can edit the post you create with the following exceptions:

The poll question and options cannot be changed after voting has started on the poll.
A photo and video once uploaded can only be deleted and not edited.
Interests once added cannot be changed.

What is the difference between block and un-follow?

You can block a user to prevent him/her from following you permanently.
You can unfollow a user you are following and not receive any updates from him/her.

What information will you gather from my third site account like fb/twitter?

Itimes collects vital information to populate your profile like your full name, interests, email ID, friends, based on your privacy settings. Rest assured, we do not share your information with any third party

What are the best sizes for uploading images?

You can upload photos at a number of points in the new itimes, starting with your profile photo (240 X 240 px). It is mandatory to support a new interest with a photo. The interest photos and all the other posts where you upload a photo (except for the photo posts) should have a minimum width of 240 px.

Follow your favourite topics
and get personalised content
Follow your favourite topics
and get personalised content