'Beautiful people have it easier in life'

Started on Aug 13, 2014 , 11:24 am by Ekta Talwar

We can't escape it, or even fight the obsession with being beautiful. Since we were young, we have seen pretty babies getting more attention. Be it be as school, college or workplace the pretty lot always has more friends, while the rest had to work hard to even get noticed.How does being beautiful gives you an edge over the rest? What about personality and hard work? Why does being beautiful become a privilege? Do you agree with this? Share your thoughts here.

How to spice up my relationship?

Started on Aug 07, 2014 , 04:24 pm by Ekta Talwar

I have been married for ten years and share a healthy bond with my husband. Things are going good for us as a family. The only thing that I think is missing in my life is that I have got to comfortable with everything.And I guess even my husband has got too comfortable with me. Our relationship lacks passion and everything is monotonous now. How do I rekindle the dwindling passion between us?

Happy birthday Roger

Started on Aug 06, 2010 , 04:22 pm by Ekta Talwar

Many happy returns of the day to Roger, rightly called the emperor forever in tennis.

B'wood films incapable of making it to Oscars

Started on Feb 25, 2013 , 11:36 am by Ekta Talwar

Every year Indians hope that some Bollywood film would make it to Oscars but sadly nothing of that sort happens. I think it's only Bollywood directors who are highly incapable of writing great scripts that can win Academy Awards. What do you think?

Share you favorite Rain Song

Started on Nov 20, 2009 , 04:06 pm by Ekta Talwar

My favorite rain song is Rim jhim gire sawan.... Its sooo Melodious

Help save my marriage!

Started on Aug 11, 2014 , 04:55 pm by Ekta Talwar

I have been married for 10 years and now the spark between us are dead. It looks like my husband isn't attracted to me anymore. I have tried getting his attention yet nothing seems to be working. The other day I borrowed his laptop and saw that he has been surfing a lot of lesbian porn. Do you think if I start seeing lesbian porn with my husband, it will help us connect better? Tell me what to do?

Mahek's re-entry unfair?

Started on Dec 26, 2011 , 11:38 am by Ekta Talwar

I think that Mahek's wild card entry in the Bigg Boss house is unfair to other contestant coz it's just two weeks before the finale that she has come back. Also, I feel Pooja Missra deserved this chance to be back as a wild card entrant but she came only as a guest... Why??? Is it Mahek's connection with Salman that brought her back in the show or is she really deserving? What do you guys think?

Hyderabadi biryani.

Started on May 13, 2008 , 02:22 pm by Ekta Talwar

hey im originallt from hyderabad and lets cheer laxman and the boys to win this cup.