Canadian Sikh photoshopped as Paris attacker, faces online hate

Started on Nov 16, 2015 , 04:13 pm by Ekta Talwar

This is just DISGUSTING! What is this world coming down to? Instead of focusing on the actual culprits who resort to violence and killings of innocent lives, people are photoshopping individuals who are no where close to the attacks.The image of Veerender Jubbal went viral in no time when it was digitally altered to make him look like one of the ISIS terrorists who attacked Paris recently. The picture was photoshopped in such a way that it seemed as if he is suicide bomber with the bomb vest more »

FIR against Sunny Deol for hurting sentiments

Started on Jun 22, 2015 , 04:52 pm by Ekta Talwar

In Varanasi a complaint has been filed against actor Sunny Deol for his upcoming movie 'Mohalla Assi'. The complaint is also against the director of the movie, Chandra Prakash Dwivedi.The complaint is reportedly done for hurting religious sentiments of the viewers as the film violate moral ethics and it also shows Varanasi in poor light.But the question is why target Sunny Deol, he is just an actor portraying the role given to him? He is just merely doing his job. What do you think? Is it more »

Help save my marriage!

Started on Aug 11, 2014 , 04:55 pm by Ekta Talwar

I have been married for 10 years and now the spark between us are dead. It looks like my husband isn't attracted to me anymore. I have tried getting his attention yet nothing seems to be working. The other day I borrowed his laptop and saw that he has been surfing a lot of lesbian porn. Do you think if I start seeing lesbian porn with my husband, it will help us connect better? Tell me what to do?

SHOCKING: Policemen caught kissing and dancing with bar girls

Started on Apr 21, 2015 , 05:55 pm by Ekta Talwar

It's not just utterly shameful, but it's disgusting to know that your tax money is going down the drain for it is getting spent on cops such as these. Two constables namely Sanjay Babbar and Rashid Mulani from Thane police were suspended for dancing and kissing the bar girls and what's the icing on the cake, they acted in this filthy way while they were on duty.Good thing is that the higher officials received a clipping from an unknown number and an immediate action was taken against these more »

How to spice up my relationship?

Started on Aug 07, 2014 , 04:24 pm by Ekta Talwar

I have been married for ten years and share a healthy bond with my husband. Things are going good for us as a family. The only thing that I think is missing in my life is that I have got to comfortable with everything.And I guess even my husband has got too comfortable with me. Our relationship lacks passion and everything is monotonous now. How do I rekindle the dwindling passion between us?

WTF: Rishi Kapoor's bizarre tweet!

Started on Jun 24, 2015 , 12:21 pm by Ekta Talwar

Rishi Kapoor does it again, the veteran actor tweeted a meme involving two leading ladies taking a dig at Alia's IQ and Sonakshi's weight. After receiving a lot of flak for his 'distasteful' post he eventually pulled down the tweet and clarified things. He said "Why do you guys take all things so seriously?Arre both Alia and Sonakshi like my own kids.I just found it funny.Get a sense of humour yaar!" (sic)

'Beautiful people have it easier in life'

Started on Aug 13, 2014 , 11:24 am by Ekta Talwar

We can't escape it, or even fight the obsession with being beautiful. Since we were young, we have seen pretty babies getting more attention. Be it be as school, college or workplace the pretty lot always has more friends, while the rest had to work hard to even get noticed.How does being beautiful gives you an edge over the rest? What about personality and hard work? Why does being beautiful become a privilege? Do you agree with this? Share your thoughts here.

B'wood films incapable of making it to Oscars

Started on Feb 25, 2013 , 11:36 am by Ekta Talwar

Every year Indians hope that some Bollywood film would make it to Oscars but sadly nothing of that sort happens. I think it's only Bollywood directors who are highly incapable of writing great scripts that can win Academy Awards. What do you think?