B'wood films incapable of making it to Oscars

Started on Feb 25, 2013 , 11:36 am by Ekta Talwar

Every year Indians hope that some Bollywood film would make it to Oscars but sadly nothing of that sort happens. I think it's only Bollywood directors who are highly incapable of writing great scripts that can win Academy Awards. What do you think?

Happy birthday Roger

Started on Aug 06, 2010 , 04:22 pm by Ekta Talwar

Many happy returns of the day to Roger, rightly called the emperor forever in tennis.

Mahek's re-entry unfair?

Started on Dec 26, 2011 , 11:38 am by Ekta Talwar

I think that Mahek's wild card entry in the Bigg Boss house is unfair to other contestant coz it's just two weeks before the finale that she has come back. Also, I feel Pooja Missra deserved this chance to be back as a wild card entrant but she came only as a guest... Why??? Is it Mahek's connection with Salman that brought her back in the show or is she really deserving? What do you guys think?

Hyderabadi biryani.

Started on May 13, 2008 , 02:22 pm by Ekta Talwar

hey im originallt from hyderabad and lets cheer laxman and the boys to win this cup.