Kundli match no guarantee for happy marriage

Started on May 31, 2013 , 02:59 pm by Nupur Tripathy

I have been married for two years and I have been having numerous problems in my marriage. When our match was made our kundlis had 33 gunn matching. Everyone though we were the perfect pair as per our kundlis. Yet our marriage is troubled and my husband is contemplating divorce. What guarantee is there that matching kundlis indicate a happy marriage? I think it is absolutely useless!

Should I marry a non-virgin?

Started on Aug 19, 2013 , 05:06 pm by Ashish Gupta

Ever since my fiance told me she is not a virgin, I am having nightmares! She confessed to me in our last meeting that she had sex with her first boyfriend and I am NOT ok with it. What should I do?Every time I get physical with her, I keep thinking about the times she was sexually intimate with her boyfriend. I cannot lead my married life this way. What should I do? Should I break off this marriage since she is not a virgin?

'SRK should get out of India'

Started on Jan 28, 2013 , 11:06 am by Ravi Saxena

Shahrukh Khan has always been vocal about his liking for Pakistan. He has always maintained friendly relations with Pak even after the deadly Mumbai terror attacks. If he has such a strong admiration and liking for Pakistan, then Shahrukh should get out of India and move to Pak. We've had enough already. If SRK wants to praise Pakistan, he is free to go and live in that country too.

Do women cheat for fun?

Started on May 17, 2013 , 03:45 pm by Shankar Manakkal

I think all women love casual sexual flings and one night stands. But they would never own up to it. Women would be in serious relationships but still cheat on their spouses just of a little excitement. No man would ever do that. They will never cheat for fun.Don't you agree?

‘Help! My gf is addicted to porn’

Started on Jan 11, 2013 , 11:42 am by Sumit Kumar

My gf is a sex-maniac and it is NOT a good thing. She is addicted to porn and always watches a porn film before she makes love to me. Unfortunately, I am never able to satisfy her because so much porn viewing has sky-rocketed her expectations in bed. What should I do? My sex-life is getting a beating because she satisfies herself with the porn rather than me. Help!

Is it legal or illegal for a boy and a girl to stay in the same hotel room for a night ?

Started on Jan 23, 2012 , 01:10 am by Anshul Dogra

Recently my friend was planning to have a night out with his girlfriend. So they decided to stay in a hotel. When he arrived at the hotel with his girlfriend, the receptionist denied them from giving the room. He said that the hotels being registered under the government are given orders that a boy and a girl can't stay in the same room unless they are brother and sister or married. So what you guys think ?

'Afzal Guru was innocent'

Started on Feb 11, 2013 , 11:16 am by Noor Inayat

What a shame we are celebrating his hanging, the truth is Congress wanted his execution to win points for the 2014 elections truly for their political gain, there wasn't enough evidence against him, he didn't even get a fair trial. The whole Kashmir is mourning, he was innocent... what a shame Pranab Mukherjee

'Mom-in-law forcing me to sleep around'

Started on Jul 17, 2013 , 04:14 pm by Chahat Bhagat

I have been unhappily married for some time now and although i agreed to marry a much older man, that is not the problem. The fact is that i seem to have married into a horrible family. My brother in law who is much younger than my husband has been making sexual advances towards me. He has even told me he wants to have sex with me whenever he gets the chance. On confronting my husband and mother in law about his shocking behaviour, i was shocked and disgusted when they said it was OK to sleep more »