Now You Can Smell Like Rain Thanks To This Small UP Town

Started on Jun 24, 2016 , 04:56 pm by Shreya Khanna

What's the first thing that pops into your head when you think about rains? Food, puddles and probably the smell of rain! Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh has been helping the world keep the spirit of rains alive by creating a perfume that smells like the rain! Apparently, it is a tradition in this small town to create what they popular refer to as 'Mitti Attar', which essentially captures the smell of the rain and everything that goes along with it? And it doesn't take some high-end technol more »

Discover The Iranian Hulk: Sajad Gharibi

Started on Jun 24, 2016 , 02:30 pm by Raveena Rana

With 59,000 followers, Sajad Gharibi has emerged as the Iranian Hulk. The reason he is titled the Hulk or the Hercules is because of his physique. Aged 24, he weighs almost 24 and a half stone.He is a weight-lifter and is a favourite of his Instagram followers. He frequently posts pictures of himself topless and with objects smaller than him. As a weightlifter, he can lift up to 175 kg and participates in the power lifting category of the competitions. He is known to represent his more »

Worshiping A Villain?: Salman Khan's Unabashed Disrespect Of A Female Journalist

Started on Jun 23, 2016 , 03:34 pm by Shreya Khanna

Salman Khan has over the years done some of the most preposterous things ever, enough to make us slowly detest him. Now, as the country unites to boycott the actor, a number of stories have begun emerging from various corners citing the atrocities they have been put through by the 'bhai' of Bollywood. One such case happened about a decade ago. A Resident Editor of The Hindu came out on Twitter and revealed one of the most creepy things Salman has ever done. Needless to say, we're curre more »

Krushna’s Mama Govinda Chooses Kapil Sharma’s Show Over Comedy Nights Live

Started on Jun 24, 2016 , 01:36 pm by Saloni Singh

Bollywood's evergreen star Govinda recently made an appearance on Kapil Sharma's comedy show. The show happens to be Krushna Abhishek's Comedy Night Live's big competition.Let us remind you Krushna happens to be Govinda's nephew and he mimics his Uncle at almost all the possible episodes of Comedy Nights Live and Comedy Nights Bachao.

How South Indian Actors Kiss Without Being In The Same Room

Started on Jun 23, 2016 , 03:13 pm by Harpreet Kaur

It's not secret that South Indian Film industry has its unique set of problems. The conservative audience and rather apprehensive stars are not game for kissing scenes. However, if the script demands it, film makers tend to get creative.You will not believe how the kissing scene was shot for the movie 'Maattrraan'! The lead actress, Kajal Agarwal who was apparently supposed to kiss Superstar Suriya. Which clearly wasn't happening. But they shot this scene is quite fascinating to say the least. more »

WTF: Is Shirish Kunder's 'Kriti' A Stolen Plot?

Started on Jun 24, 2016 , 03:33 pm by Pratibha Devasenapathy

Trending since 3 days on Facebook, Shirish Kunder's pycho-thriller short film Kriti starring Radhika Apte and Manoj Bajpai is a ripped off idea. Shocking, isn't it? A flimmaker from Nepal, declared through a Facebook post that his movie's plot has been completely taken and sold off as Shirish's creation on Youtube. Plagiarism in Bollywood has been going on since ages and it is but shocking that such talented directors actually steal away someone else's work and sell them as their creation. Below more »

Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya’s wedding card out!

Started on Jun 23, 2016 , 05:45 pm by Saloni Singh

This is telly's most awaited wedding of this year. Yes, TV actors' Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya's wedding preparations are in full swing. Amid all this, we have something exciting to show you

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Survives Freak Accident Against Zimbabwe

Started on Jun 23, 2016 , 01:45 pm by Nivedita Gupta

Indian captain MS Dhoni suffered a freak injury during the third and final match against Zimbabwe in Harare. Dhoni suffered an injury to his eye when he tried to come down the track and take a wicket. Unfortunately, Dhoni played the ball onto the stumps due to which the bail came out and hit his right eye. But the hero that Dhoni is, he continued to play the entire match and managed to keep wickets which led India to a 3 run win. Now that's who we call a real player.