Reply to Jijaji

Started on Nov 05, 2014 , 07:05 pm by Prashanth Nair

The Congress Party leaders these days are on all national channels defending Jijaji who recently was caught misbehaving and threatened a Video Journalist. There are more leaders defending the Congress Jijaji than their poor ex PM Manmohan Singh, who was made a mute spectator during the decade long looting frenzy.Here you have an opportunity to reply to Jijaji to him "Are you serious", "Are you serious", "Are you serious", "Are you serious"

Why is Xioami growing so fast in INDIA?

Started on Nov 05, 2014 , 07:57 pm by Remo Gupta

Don't know whats the reason but Xioami is growing rapidly in Indian market...

How much Clean politics need in India

Started on Nov 05, 2014 , 08:21 pm by Sunil Ks

Indian politics is looking still in a transition phase , please share your opinion that how to made Indian politics a clean politics ?

Will AAP be a challenge to BJP

Started on Nov 05, 2014 , 07:48 pm by Prashanth Nair

"I am leaving the party because there is no internal democracy in the party especially given the context of Swaraj which is Arvind's idea", this is what the AAP poster girl Shazia Ilmi quoted on quitting the AAP.The view was evident in the Lok Sabha results too. Do you think Arvind Kejriwal and relevant after the demoralising defeat handed to them by the people in 2014 Elections.

Is SRK time over?

Started on Nov 05, 2014 , 07:55 pm by Akhil Baheti

Is shah rukh khan time of rule in bollywood over now?

Will Alia Bhatt Sign for Half Girlfriend?

Started on Nov 05, 2014 , 07:53 pm by Akhil Baheti

WIll Alia bhatt be signing soon for a newest novel of Chetan Bhagat "HALF GIRLFRIEND"?