Dear Modi, where are your 'ache din'?

Started 8 hrs ago by Sahil Kakkar

So Modiji, what happened to all the promises that you had made before the elections? 'Ache Din Kahan Hai' Mr. Modi? I have been looking for good days to come since the time you came to power!Now, inflation has reached a new level! Tomatoes are Rs. 100/kg! What are you and your government doing about this situation? Why have you become as silent as our previous PM? Wake up Mr. Modi and smell the coffee!

Delhi is full of racists!

Started on Jul 21, 2014 , 10:39 am by Jia Sen

In another case of a racist attack, a 30 year old Manipuri man was beaten to death after a fight early in the morning. Apparently the victim was coming back from his call centre and got into an altercation with some local guys. The fight led to his death. This follows the death of several students from the North East. Apart from deaths regular heckling and name calling and prejudice are a daily thing most North Easterners face when living in Delhi. I have lived in other cities like more »

Where are the 'achhey din' Mr Modi?

Started on Jul 22, 2014 , 11:59 am by Jia Sen

So here is what the ground reality is. The prices of things are still high, farmers are still struggling while the government is still in holiday mode. Where are the 'acchey din' that were promised? Is this how the aam aadmi is supposed to be living? Watch this video and add your own questions to the Modi government. 

Is it legal or illegal for a boy and a girl to stay in the same hotel room for a night ?

Started on Jan 23, 2012 , 01:10 am by Anshul Dogra

Recently my friend was planning to have a night out with his girlfriend. So they decided to stay in a hotel. When he arrived at the hotel with his girlfriend, the receptionist denied them from giving the room. He said that the hotels being registered under the government are given orders that a boy and a girl can't stay in the same room unless they are brother and sister or married. So what you guys think ?

'Casual sex boosts your well-being'

Started on Jul 10, 2014 , 11:24 am by Hitesh Sharma

Okay, so here is this new study that claims that "casual sex" boosts your overall well-bring and keeps you in a healthy state. Really? Is sex that important part in people's life that it now decides whether we are healthy or not.   I think such studies only encourage people to indulge in unsafe sex and have sexual acts with multiple partners, that is anyway a dangerous thing to do. What do you have to say? Can casual sex really affect our well-being?  

Why make fun of Anant Ambani?

Started on May 27, 2013 , 12:27 pm by Aakriti Rana

Mukesh Ambani’s son Anant has become a centre of all jokes on Twitter because of his weight. It’s ridiculous to make fun of someone who’s obese. It’s not his fault if he is born with a health condition like that.All the jokes on him are shameful and crude. How many of you agree?

Has success changed Kapil Sharma?

Started on Jul 18, 2014 , 11:35 am by Ritu Awasthi

After the sudden success of his comedy show and a three movie deal with Yashraj, stories of Kapil Sharma's tantrums began coming up. Issues with celebrity guests to tiffs over Twitter, seems like the 'Comedy King' cannot handle success.Or rather his egoistic behaviour is out for display. With reports of a cancelled movie deal do you think that it a valid enough proof for his changed attitude? Do agree with this? What are your thoughts?

Do women cheat for fun?

Started on May 17, 2013 , 03:45 pm by Shankar Manakkal

I think all women love casual sexual flings and one night stands. But they would never own up to it. Women would be in serious relationships but still cheat on their spouses just of a little excitement. No man would ever do that. They will never cheat for fun.Don't you agree?