Paternity Leave: Equality? Don't Forget to Include Equality For a New Father

Started on Sep 14, 2016 , 07:23 am by Jackie O

Often we talk about gender equality. How things have to change for women, how life is not simple for a woman but a man gets to enjoy luxuries at his own wish and well. Our society is largely male dominated and it's not really something one needs to think too hard about - Equality! Women are treated less than a man in our society and that's a given. Take a pause and think, is it so? Of course, there's no denying the fact that there are many aspects when men have too much liberty and we happen more »

Behold, All You Fashion Buffs! Baba Ramdev's Patanjali Launches 'Swadeshi' Jeans

Started on Sep 13, 2016 , 12:48 pm by Pratibha Devasenapathy

Baba Ramdev is back again and this time to conquer the fashion world. Oh yes! Posing a big threat (well, he would like to think that way), to Levis, Lee, Flying Machine, Wrangler and other leading brands that are known for their denims, Baba Ramdev's Patanjali is going launch 'swadeshi' jeans. Unbelievable? Well, believe it!Since, the demand of jeans pants is on the rise in India, he wants to capitalise on the Indian markets. which are being unnecessarily being taken over by foreign brands. Whil more »

Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation Files FIR Against Kapil Sharma

Started on Sep 13, 2016 , 10:43 am by Kripa Parekh

Renowned actor and comedian Kapil Sharma is in the limelight for quite some time now and it doesn't seem to end - however, for all the wrong reasons this time.Kapil Sharma had filed a case against BMC (Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation). The table seems to be turning the other way round with BMC filing a case against Kapil in turn. BMC has filed a case against him for allegedly illegal constructions activities. A FIR has also been lodged against him for the same.

Kolkata Restaurant Mocambo Refused To Serve A Woman And Her Driver

Started on Sep 13, 2016 , 11:53 am by Anna Kalra

For foodies is Kolkata, Mocambo is indeed paradise. The place is one of the best known places in Kolkata's Park Street area. In fact, if you google must eat places in Kolkata, Mocambo's name comes in the list for sure. The place has been an all time favourite with Kolkatans and visiting non-Kolkatans for decades now. However, a shameful incident, has got Mocambo at the center of yet another controversy. In a post, Facebook user Dilashi Hemnani has claimed that the restaurant refused to serve her more »

Cutest Moment Between Deepika And Vin Diesel, Watch Here

Started on Sep 10, 2016 , 08:44 am by Radhika Mehrotra

Deepika Padukone is all set to star opposite Vin Diesel in XxX - Return of the Xander and we just cannot keep calm (at all).Deepika has resumed shooting for the movie and she was over the top happy to be back with the team. Diesel shared a cute video from the sets, both the actors were just so happy to be working together and their friendship much evident, demanded nothing less than an *awestruck* looks from our end!The entire moment was all the more special because Vin wanted to share a message more »

Is Sofia Hayat Back To Her Old Avatar?

Started on Sep 13, 2016 , 04:13 pm by Kripa Parekh

Wherever and whatever Sofia Hayat does, seems like controversy finds it's way to her. Sofia Hayat recently made headlines around the world after she announced that she has become a nun. But looks like Sofia Hayat, may not have really renounced the wordly pleasures and by the looks of her recent Instagram video the actress seems to have taken an U-turn in the entire situation.Earlier we saw Sofia Hayat talk at length removing about her silicon implants and how she even went on to vow to lead a no more »

Shocking: Samsung Note 7's Battery Explodes And Severely Injures A 6-Year-Old

Started on Sep 13, 2016 , 11:18 am by Jackie O

Everyone today is a gadget freak whether be a 5-year-old or a human who is 70 (age be no bar, literally). Now, when technology seems to be taking up on our live crazy and we feel handicapped without our favourite gadgets, we might want to stop and ask ourselves - Why does it matter so much? Being on the social media 24x7 or sticking to your laptop screen like a bug! This is no traffic jam of thoughts and I am not harking mad! According to reliable sources, a 6-year-old was rushed to the hospit more »

Acid Attack Reshma Quereshi Survivor Stuns The Audience At New York Fashion Week

Started on Sep 09, 2016 , 01:25 pm by Radhika Mehrotra

Reshma Quereshi who's merely 19-year-old was scarred for life when she became a victim to Acid Attack. Do you actually believe it stopped her life? Happily, you're wrong fellow human. This woman who probably wears her heart on her sleeves literally broke every single norm that revolves around the concept of beauty as she walked like a pro on the ramp at New York Fashion Week!