100 days of Modi: Has India changed?

Started on Sep 01, 2014 , 11:28 am by Dev Kashyap

Modi has been in power for over 100 days now. That's a lot of time to deliver on promises made during the election campaign. If not deliver, then at least start the process to change things. Black money, inflation, corruption, employment opportunities - the promised list is quite long...So are you happy with what Modi has achieved in these 100 days? Has India changed? Or are things the same as before? Or do you think things have gone bad to worse?Here's the Modi sarkar's report card. Give your more »

'Daughters are better than sons'

Started on Aug 28, 2014 , 01:46 pm by Jyoti Mishra

I've never been able to come to terms with people who think that having a son is a blessing whereas daughters are, sadly, still considered to be burden. I know so many families where the sons, once grown up and married, abandon their parents and wona??t even bother to look after them in later years of their life.But daughters would always be by their parentsa?? side & would take care of them by all possible means. I think high time we get out of this stupid notion, because clearly daughters more »

Hafiz Saeed is NOT a terrorist?

Started on Sep 16, 2014 , 11:29 am by Sahil Kakkar

WOW ! The mastermind of the deadly 26/11 attacks on Mumbai is NOT a terrorist according to Pakistan. Hafiz Saeed, who has built up so much anger for Indians, is being termed as a 'normal citizen of Pakistan' by Pakistan's high commissioner.A Isn't that CRAZY!!A The man should be put behind bars, and not roam around so freely. What do you think? Why on earth is Pakistan so lenient on Hafiz Saeed?

I slept with husband's best friend

Started on Sep 21, 2012 , 02:09 pm by Megha C

My husband is in a job that demands lot of travelling, few days back my husband's friend came over to hand over some papers, my husband had asked for. We had few drinks & suddenly i could feel something craving inside me, we both lost control and had sex. Now I am dying of this guilt. What should I do now? Should I tell my husband about it?

Salman's abs are fake!

Started on Sep 23, 2014 , 12:19 pm by Shankar Manakkal

So the mystery of the 6 pack abs post 40 has been revealed. Good old photoshop! And Salman seems to be no different, so many men fall for the 6 pack trap instead of targeting health and fitness. Good luck to you guys for chasing the 6 pack Bollywood dream!

Tiger attack: Where were the Zoo authorities?

Started on Sep 24, 2014 , 11:07 am by Pranav Sen

I am still in shock after watching that deadly video of a white tiger mauling a 12 standard student in Delhi zoo. And what shocks me even further is how there were simply NO authorities around when the attack took place.A For a good 15 minutes, the tiger stood in front of the youth without harming him, why couldn't the zoo authorities use a tranquilizer on the tiger? The youth could have been saved from from his death if authorities could have acted.A What do you think?A

Is it legal or illegal for a boy and a girl to stay in the same hotel room for a night ?

Started on Jan 23, 2012 , 01:10 am by Anshul Dogra

Recently my friend was planning to have a night out with his girlfriend. So they decided to stay in a hotel. When he arrived at the hotel with his girlfriend, the receptionist denied them from giving the room. He said that the hotels being registered under the government are given orders that a boy and a girl can't stay in the same room unless they are brother and sister or married. So what you guys think ?

Should I run away with my girlfriend?

Started on Sep 12, 2014 , 03:59 pm by Darshan Yadav

I have been with my girlfriend for the past 8 years! We have been together ever since we got into college actually. In fact I don't think life will make sense if we are not together.But my parents don't want to understand any of that. We are Gujjars so my parents are hell bent on getting me married to a girl from another Gujjar family only. They don't care about love or about me.I think I should just run away. I earn well and my girlfriend also earns well. We can easily start life in another more »