Your expectations from Budget 2013?

on Feb 11, 2013 , 11:51 am
A lot of my businessmen friends are looking forward for relaxation on service tax. Are you also anxiously waiting for Mr. Finance Minister's union budget for 2013. Tell us what is it that you are expect from Union Budget 2013?
if manmohan(chidambaram) the london harward duo They don't want BOP problem close to elections. they may mop up as much money as they can to enable them to announce and spend on short term populist measures as much they can in the shortest lead up to the impending election. as both of them or better number crunchers than goodpublic pulse readers, You can make as good a guess as any body else if you"ve no.s in front of you and the patience to go with it.
on Feb 28, 2013 , 12:14 am
Priyanka Sharma
wish there is exemptions on service tax
on Feb 11, 2013 , 01:10 pm
Kmkraju replies to Priyanka Sharma
India's future
on Feb 28, 2013 , 12:26 am
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