Why Rahul will be a better PM than Modi

on Jul 03, 2013 , 10:51 am

This is why India is not being able to progress. It's high time we elected a young PM who would be able to connect with the dreams and aspirations of the Indians today. If Modi becomes the prime minister, India would be stuck for years with a 60 year old man. This is precisely why Rahul Gandhi is our best choice.
Rahul better PM than Modi? This discussion is right fit for ToI's humor section.
on Oct 07, 2014 , 11:08 am
Vikram Lodhi
on Apr 28, 2014 , 01:33 am
Vidyoot Bhutani
How many times did Rahul Attend Parliament ? How many discussions has he participated in and given Constructive suggestions? He had the Audacity to present ex CEC T.N.Seshans plan on Lokpal as his own Game changer. Did he go and meet the young people protesting against Rapes in India (Nirbhaya Protest) or for that matter against Corruption by youth supporting Anna at India Gate - No. Did he take action against his party-men on Commonwealth Games fiasco - Indias image destroyed worldwide by his Govt - No. Did he Speak Against his party-men indulging in Corruption - No. - AGE is not the only consideration to connect with youth. If that was so youth would not have been inspired by Mahatma Gandhi or Young Kisans & Jawans by Lal Bhadur Shastri. Even his Great grand father PM Nehru connected well with youths aspiration.
on Oct 29, 2013 , 01:11 pm
Bhimrao Gajbhiye
modi does not have correct idea about running government. otherwise advani would have supported hi. when their own people who knows him are not supporting him means how can person like me sitting remote will know him. all government will run by nagpur rss and other having great ideas will be fool. does modi had respected manmohan during 1991-96 period where all world facing economic problem but manmohan taken out country out of problem. does any of the rss person had said good words about manmohan? never. it means they dont know economics. they know chanakya niti of some lac people but nothing about huge population.
on Sep 17, 2013 , 06:34 pm
Satish Kumar
Accepting your logic of a "younger PM", why not stand outside any hospital and catch a newly born child and make her (or him) the next PM. That way, we'll have a youngest PM. Jokes apart, I think the most important thing is to have an able PM (not some person who is important because of his surname). I don't say that Modi is the best person, however till now, he has some achievements to show (as compared to Rahul Gandhi). Rahul Gandhi has only one achievement till date, that is to have created more chamchas who are willing to take any blame on his behalf.
on Jul 08, 2013 , 01:58 pm
Radha Devanathan
I think both don't deserve to be a PM. People have voted congress and BJP to power in the past while congress does no good for the country but only scams, BJP fares a little better by building some roads. But both are hand in gloves when it comes to corruption. They mutually help each other in money laundering. Forget the personalities, it is a honest party that should be voted and voting for AAP is the only way that India can be saved if at all possible. Also there is a chance any aam aadmi can become a PM as there will be no dynasty politics in AAP.
on Jul 06, 2013 , 10:38 pm
Ashirwad Koli
Only Namo means Narendra Modi
on Jul 05, 2013 , 12:19 pm
Kshirsagar Vishal
60 saal se unki sarkar hai...1 bhi desh aisa nahi ke woh aage hai... 60 saalonse wohi problems Mehngai, Paani, Road, aur bhi kahi problems hai... or sab par TAX... kuch dino main aam aadmi mar hi jayega... Itane sare problems Enki sarkar ne khade kiye hai or PM ke sapne dekhna buri baat hai... aaj aise kahi desh hai jo hum se aage hai...aur hum aaj bhi 60 saal se piche chal rahe hai.. na jane aane wale 60 salo main kya hoga...1 moka Modi ko bhi dena chahiye... agar Rahul PM Bane toh or 60 sal desh piche... Angrez chale gaye...Rahul or Congres Chod gaye... Angrez phir bhi Desh ko chod gaye... Congres toh Desh ko hi loot Rahi hai.
on Jul 05, 2013 , 11:10 am
Vishnu Garje
why not me if u asking about rahul g, i am born and growup in India and even my education. so i have better knowledge about our problem than rahul gandhi. and i talk with media regarding indian issue but rahul not face to media. if i campare Modiji i m very small boy front of modiji.
on Jul 05, 2013 , 09:52 am
Yashika J
agree with @amar mehta. not sure but modi...a BIG no.
on Jul 05, 2013 , 09:25 am
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