Wackiest wedding proposal ever?

on Jan 22, 2013 , 02:51 pm
My friend's boyfriend came to her place with a team of band walas who blew up the entire society with their performance. After 15 mts of loud music, the guy proposed to her over a loudspeaker, singing and saying out the marriage vows. The poor girl could not help turning red with embarrassment. Tell us about your wackiest wedding proposal
Afifa Shomail
My husband has arranged everything with my father n than came to my house to give laddo saying he is getting married. I was upset and than my father announced he has fixed my match with his friend son. I became more upset. and later on at 12 am in the night. My husband came n given me the wedding card asked me if i can come. Inside I was crying and than Music started and infront of everyone he has given me moh dekhaaye and said be ready he is coming after a week with band baja n barati. I got shocked of my life n felt like kicking him. Saw my father he was smiling. n exactly after 1 week v got married. Its been 3 yrs I still feel its yesterday.
on Jul 15, 2013 , 01:39 pm
i took my gf to a coffee shop , ordered 2 cups of coffee asked her to drink then i picked her (zuta) cup and drank the remaining coffee. it was agrand success
on Mar 17, 2013 , 07:49 pm
Vipin Sharma Kartik
i love u
on Mar 12, 2013 , 09:47 am
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