Valentine's day disasters

on Feb 07, 2013 , 05:14 pm
The pressure of being romantic on Valentine's day can be quite scary. The next thing you know even after all the planning your Valentine's day was a complete disaster. Share your stories of the worst Valentine's day ever!
Megha C
This was really hilarious. My boyfriend took my out for a V-day lunch in an upmarket restaurant. We thought it's better than roaming on the streets or wasting time in some mall. But to our utter surprise, we saw my elder brother and his younger sister walking in together in that same place and guess what they were on a blind date. GOSH! I think more than us, they were embarrassed and it turned out to be a horror date for them... if not us. :P
on Feb 13, 2013 , 03:11 pm
Anjum Seth
You can't expect a guy to pay for dinner just because he is a guy.
on Feb 13, 2013 , 03:07 pm
Sonja Aggarwal
I've learnt my lessons from Valentine's day dates and this year i plan to just chill at home with a good movie. Last year i had an amazing date planned. In fact everything went really well, we went to a great movie, then for a long drive where we chatted. Then for dinner he took me to a restaurant. Everything was fine till the time the bill came and he asked me, "So how do you want to split the bill?"
on Feb 13, 2013 , 01:53 pm
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