Tejpal shocker: Is any working woman safe?

on Nov 21, 2013 , 11:26 am
I was shocked when I heard this news early in the morning. A man if such high regard, Mr. Tarun Tejpal is nothing but a sexual predator. Tarun Tejpal who has exposed many path-breaking stories is now in the midst of a terrible controversy involving himself.

He has been accused of sexually assaulting a women employee working with Tehelka. Now I wonder, if a woman is not safe working in a media house, is she safe anywhere?

Shakahaar Parishad Bhopal
at present time sex crimes are very very common. still thousands are suffering , few have courage to expose . but it is not a first case of tarun tejpal, previously he enjoyed so on the same way he committed this one. they are externally seems good but inner they remain most corrupt and characterless. now he will be imprisoned so this will be a last???????
on Nov 23, 2013 , 08:12 pm
A simple answer is "No". Although one must not generalise and form opinion based on few incidences but the truth of the matter is that women these days are looked upon by many as an object for physical satisfaction of mankind. One can look around in Malls and shopping centres where men are just watching the women with lusty eyes. Even in work places in the name of equality the men do take undue advantage of the situation by calling it some acts as accidental or unintentional or joke but truth is far from it. Where and who draws the line of such physical contacts differs from person to person and hence taken advantage. Exploitation of women is ever so on the increase that demands are placed on them or else. We called it a freedom for women but it turned out to be freedom of men to use and play with women without any restrictions. Law alone can't make things better for women until and unless there is double attack on this problem one that men have to change their thinking about women and second women to stand up for themselves irrespective of the consequences. There is no denial that sex is an integrated part between men and women but it should be confined to consensual and not forced.
on Nov 23, 2013 , 06:14 pm
A V Subramanya
We cannot make a generalized statement. But, after reading many incidents, I also started that there should be more efforts from the management to make safe working environment for women.
on Nov 23, 2013 , 12:28 pm
L. N. Subramanian Mani
It's very unfortunate to hear about the editor of Tehelka who misbehaved with his employee by making sexual advances is not only very disgusting to hear the news is also inhuman to do such a thing by a respectable person which cannot be imagined. If educated people entangle in such nasty crimes, what's the difference between a criminal and literate people. If sex is everything, then what's left out in life. What the hell men think, women are their property with whom they can play as and when they like. Has the morality in people has vanished to commit crime on women. No punishment can compensate the trauma / agony of the victim in their life. People in the media are the EYES / EAR of the nation when they stoop down very low in their profession, whom to believe. The safety of women anywhere cannot be endorsed nor there is any guarantee about their life. Sexual assault on women has become an regular thing and it has become like a daily cup of tea which is very bitter to relish. How long such crime will go on no one knows and neither the law also can do anything much in it.
on Nov 22, 2013 , 12:44 pm
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