Society the Cause behind Rape!!

on Dec 20, 2012 , 04:54 pm

I read this article in TOI "why Indian men rape?" ... I am thankful that someone is trying to find an answer. We can kill, hang or castrate the rapists...but that is after the Rape of an innocent girl. The reason someone has to go through all this is surely because these beasts have no fear but there is a problem in our system and our society due to which they feel so.

They Rape because we bring them up thinking they are superior to Women...

They Rape because they don't respect Women...

They Rape because they think Women are not equal to men

They Rape because they believe that if you are not at home cooking meals for your family then you are public property

They think if you are showing skin you want them to rape

They think that if you drink and smoke you want them to rape

They Rape because they think Women are just meant to be slaves...for everything

Till the time we don't start educating our Sons that Women are equal to them and as good as them nothing will change. Till the time we keep telling them that "Girls/Women are supposed to" nothing will change. It's the basic Indian mentality that needs a change. Till the time we keep telling our girls they are supposed to compromise and ignore nothing will change.

As per a study, the chances of a male raping a female are maximum amongst the Very Rich or Very Poor... reasons are clear.. both the kinds feel women are a property, not human and also that they are superior to Women.

We need to tell our little Girls that they are no less than any boy. And we need to tell our boys the same. There is no such thing that a Girl SHOULD do or a boy SHOULD do. Everyone is in it for equals. It's not a man's's a world for Humans and certainly not for people who are worse than Animals.

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