Should I compromise for promotion?

on Sep 23, 2013 , 10:27 am
I work in a reputed MNC. My boss has been dropping hints for quite some time. He wants sexual favours from me. He's indirectly told me that I have a very bright future in the company and will get to a top position if I please him.

I can't make up my mind. Should I...? Compromise? I'm very very confused.
Nikhil Kumar
not at all compromize
on Feb 27, 2015 , 12:04 am
Shrinath Chauhan
try to expose him
on Jan 02, 2015 , 02:00 pm
Kamov Mov
There isn't a guarantee that you'll get that promotion. But what is guaranteed that you'll have no respect left. Compromising will only make you vulnerable and you'll have to do whenever he calls out to you. The same boss might do things to damage your reputation with this issue in future if there's a fall out among you two. Don't do things where you'll have a lifetime of guilt & regret to carry with you.
on May 10, 2014 , 05:28 pm
depends upon ur thoughs and requirements
on Dec 11, 2013 , 01:19 pm
Aditya Nair
Is this a democratic vote on how you want to live your life... instead of spending time on social network figuring out if you should sleep with your boss or not, read the HR policies against sexual harassment of the reputed MNC, you would find something more useful there...!
on Sep 24, 2013 , 10:26 am
Amit Malhotra
Your dignity is so cheap that you will sell it for a promotion.....? Please preserve it for your husband, there are millions jobs in market where you can change and complaint to police about it
on Sep 24, 2013 , 09:48 am
Latif Choudhary
what happened with GATIKA, its all upto you if u have self respect,probity and character u should never never think over it but if u r cheap,cheat n believe in shortcuts then go and embrace hell n be for it forevere
on Sep 24, 2013 , 06:20 am
Lawrence D Mello
its not worth it, there is nothing called as casual sex. and trust me past never leaves you, it never does.
on Sep 24, 2013 , 04:07 am
Bobby Solomon
today you compromise on this issue. Whats next. Where will you draw the line?
on Sep 24, 2013 , 02:34 am
Pintu Modak
what nonsense u r..u r asking people what u should means if most of public opinion is to go for..u would like to go....its nonsense of u..
on Sep 24, 2013 , 12:03 am
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