Should Delhi top cop resign?

on Jan 10, 2013 , 12:03 pm
It is high time that our good-for-nothing Police commissioner resigns. Neeraj Kumar must be held accountable for all the lapses that took place on that fateful night of December 16th, when the brutal gang rape took place.

Why is there no action being taken against him? The High Court in fact has asked Delhi police to name all cops who were on duty that fateful night, but the cops are not ready to pay heed to this.

Why? The citizens of India want Delhi police commissioner to be sacked asap.

Sravanthi Kandula
on May 09, 2014 , 02:03 pm
Srinivasan Nathan
It is very sad that , public as a whole never gets attention they need from officers. While i shed tears and my blood boil on hearing the brutal attack on the poor young girl, the police whom we look upon as our saviors are not serious in their duties,
on Jan 11, 2013 , 06:18 pm
L. N. Subramanian Mani
Sacking of Delhi police commissioner is O.K. and at the same time what good it'll do for what should not have happened has happened and the rape victim poor innocent girl Damini is no more except for her thoughts in the minds of people. matter of serious concern and how it can be prevented is a question.
on Jan 11, 2013 , 12:41 pm
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