Sex for appraisal!

on Feb 12, 2013 , 11:58 am
My boss has been hinting me for sexual favours. All this while he was sending signals by being touchy-feely with me. But yesterday I was shocked when he called me in his cabin and made it clear that if I need a good appraisal I must spend a night with him. I am the only bread-earner in my family and cannot afford to lose the job. If I say no to him, he will definitely get angry and fire me from my job. What should I do?
Veena Jaswani
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on Feb 26, 2015 , 08:34 pm
Phani Kumar
get him arrested asap to save sum1 like you, be brave it might take time to find a new job but u will feel happy in life that u didnt made a mistake to earn bread and butter. if u accept his proposal ur not a change than a call gal, really sorry to say but its the truth
on Oct 02, 2014 , 05:54 pm
Vinay Midha
get him arrested simple fight for your rights dont delay it expose him
on Jul 07, 2014 , 01:11 am
Manoj Joshi
This is sexual harassment that should be put on record. You may record his conversation in your mobile and report it to your authorities as well as take legal help.
on Oct 11, 2013 , 01:02 pm
Jayaraj Guruviah
dont worry if you are a real tallented women then you can try for better job as early as possible and you must have boldness to over come from this .Because this problem will be faced by gents also but less in compare to ladies .So be bold and face not to obey his word.If his wife is having the same problem in her office what he will do.So better not to accept.
on Aug 30, 2013 , 10:32 am
UR Not
how can you imagine loosing your self image and respect. There nothing more than that for a middle call woman. But you are other type of a girl and have done it before with someone else then go ahead and be ready for good appraisal for a year and later slave of his desires and kicking out of the job for not satisfying more.
on Aug 13, 2013 , 06:38 pm
Beeram Ranjeeta
Self respect is more important than anything, so kick the boss and leave the job.Everything happens for a reason, there might be something good coming your way, dont get disheartned.Cheer up baby!!!!
on Aug 13, 2013 , 04:18 pm
Ashish Jain
Search on Naukri, Monster u'll find another job
on Aug 09, 2013 , 10:48 am
Zakir Husain
Ek kaan ke niche aisi ganti baja ke pura office main awaz sunai de. Why u r not believe in god allah eshwar. no one giving food to anyone. Allah is written before we born. If u r ready to sleep with her then u r prostitute. Honestly is more important then ur job.
on Jul 13, 2013 , 10:54 am
Sanjay Limbore
use khajkuli powder next time when he ask again. make sure apply the powder well. rest he will get undressed in his cabin. just keep camera ready to get nice shots. nange se to khuda bhi darata hai. unless u show boldness. nothing is going to change.
on Mar 22, 2013 , 01:50 pm
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