'Pregnancy before marriage is okay'

on Aug 25, 2014 , 11:55 am
I totally agree with what Kangna Ranaut said - Pregnancy without marriage is not really such a big deal!

Why should women depend on a social tag to procreate? It's nature's gift. If a woman wishes or chooses to be a mother then she has every right to go ahead without the social sanction of "Marriage".

What about those women who don't wish to marry. Don't they have the right to have a baby? Or should people forcefully get married just because they want kids? I don't believe in such rigid morality.

What about you?
Purnimareddym Purnimareddym
nice one
on Oct 08, 2014 , 10:56 am
Aksha Ranka
Personal prefence
on Sep 30, 2014 , 02:25 pm
Phani Kumar
Bcoz you kid should have a dad
on Sep 28, 2014 , 02:08 pm
Vijay Chopra
After centuries of living and facing the problem, human being and society has developed the institution of marriage and children after marriage, facing various problems of growing children and looking after aging parents. If one sees through whole of it, having children only after marriage is better, but we see lot of animals, birds, insects, they do not have any institution of marriage and mate with any one they wish to and have children and nature is looking after them. One will have to look into to all these things and choose as to what to do. The society will have to change its mind if we wish to have children without going for marriage.
on Sep 26, 2014 , 05:51 am
Hemant Kumar Ahirwar
they hv right to be a mother ....and ur thoughts r right about this..
on Sep 25, 2014 , 11:24 am
Ashish Anand
on Sep 20, 2014 , 09:12 pm
Hina Patel
man hoga tumko
on Sep 20, 2014 , 06:40 pm
Avinash Gupta
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on Sep 20, 2014 , 01:55 pm
Sandeep Kumar
Let it remain a personal choice.
on Sep 18, 2014 , 10:40 pm
WShant Ron
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