'Parents torture me because I'm gay'

on Jul 17, 2013 , 05:46 pm
I wish no one ever gets parents like mine. I have been a closet gay for several years now and only recently came out to my parents. Ever since that day i have been tortured physically and mentally by them. My father has even beaten me black and blue with his belt. I have been denied food for days on end. My mother is often hysterical and has even gone to the extent of having pujas done in the house to cure me of my 'illness'. I have severely depressed. What should I do? I love my parents but i also cannot deny who i am. What should i do to make them understand my plight?
Nish Gupta
Being gay is tough. It was not our choices. People who look down upon homosexuals and make fun of them should understand that they are much previledged to born with a socially acceptable sexuality. I wish I can give you a tight hug and wipe your tears my friend.
on Aug 09, 2013 , 09:02 pm
Its really unfortunate that u hv such ignorant parents. They shud stand by ur side to face d world. Gather ur strength , friend and take steps to empower urself intelligently.
on Aug 04, 2013 , 01:48 am
Venkat Rajaram
These are all by mind setting, must avoid this -youngsters.
on Aug 01, 2013 , 07:37 am
Niraj Indalkar
Its not about gay rights anymore, by getting physically & mentally violent your parents are now violating your basic Human Rights as well and there is no reason why you should bear it all. Get help from any support group in your locality and in case you are under 18 straight away approach police, Women and Child Development (MWCD), www.childlineindia.org.in, etc. And do not think your parents will get into trouble due to this, people at such groups will only help by counseling you and your parents. Do this and rescue yourself before you lose you esteem, self-confidence go into deep depression.
on Jul 21, 2013 , 09:56 am
There is nothing wrong in you being gay. It is your parents who are staunch conventional and have not moved with changing moods of this generation. In their eyes this is still a sin and effect of "shaitaan" on the person. Don't bear the atrocities arising out of their beliefs but if possible move on or away from them. Perhaps one day their love for you will bring them back to you.
on Jul 20, 2013 , 04:42 pm
Hear Us Roar
Homosexuality was a part of Indian mythology and culture for centuries. Homophobia is a western import.
on Jul 20, 2013 , 02:11 pm
What the heck, man can't change to women ....... first change your mind.....
on Jul 20, 2013 , 12:43 pm
Navraj Shardul
Don't worry dude there is nothing wrong if you are interested in guys, be yourself. if you are working and can lead your own life move out..but be in touch with your parents..staying apart doesn't mean you don't care...follow the rule "MY LIFE, MY WAY"..always remember you were not born with a user manual...just go ahead with what you love..
on Jul 20, 2013 , 11:17 am
Vahid Zaer
Hey buddy. It is disheartening to know that you have such parents. First things first....It is okay to be gay.I am not gay myself but I do have gay friends and a lesbian couple as friends. You should immediately report your parents for physical and psychological abuse to the authorities.Take legal action against them. I would suggest you look for Indian gay support organisations. They maybe able to provide you with a lawyer and/or legal help.Finally for your own physical and psychological safety I suggest you disown your parents and leave your thier home immediately.
on Jul 20, 2013 , 11:02 am
Vinay28s replies to Vahid Zaer
Why and how its ok to be gay, any research or scientific evidence, probably published in any top journal? Please educate me. So the parents who gave birth are fools, when they react in a certain manner, when they find their son to be gay. Are you ok if your son is gay? Are you ready to support his partner and keep in your house with respect.? I pity the parents, who can know the trauma it causes.
on Jul 20, 2013 , 08:49 pm
Neha Singh
There's nothing wrong with this, and there r documented cases even in Hindu lit. U can try to shift abroad if u like, bec in India u will be very abused..When u make the shift, make sure u dont go alone...
on Jul 18, 2013 , 09:47 pm
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