Pak's ISI rewarded terrorist for beheading

on Jan 31, 2013 , 11:19 am
This is so shocking! ISI, Pakistan's intelligence agency has rewarded a prize money of Rs. 5 lakh to a terrorist , for carrying out the beheading of Indian soldier Naik Hemraj Singh.

How low can a country get ! Pakistan must be punished severly for this gruesome and brutal attack on our country's soldiers.

Why is no action being taken on this report?
Jagirdaar Vack
he may b an army man from crossborder & not a terrorist... coz the actions were carried out by army
on Apr 23, 2014 , 02:50 am
David Toddler
Love....peace.....tolerance......repeat! Let them behead our soldiers, as long as we have cheap "yartel cornection' what is there to worry. We are a nation of eunuchs who are afraid to war. If it was up to me I would have destroyed pakistan and their people. This farce has got to end.
on Dec 06, 2013 , 11:14 pm
Anjum Seth
I cannot believe a country can stoop to such low levels!
on Jan 31, 2013 , 01:38 pm
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