Murder accused minister sworn in as MLA

on Feb 04, 2013 , 01:35 pm
This news has disturbed me to no end.

Himachal Pradesh Congress legislator Ram Kumar Chaudhary, who is facing murder charges in Haryana , has been sworn in as the Himachal Pradesh MLA.

What is this country coming to? Why can't our law take strict action against all these criminals who are ruling out country?

Neha Singh
so mny criminals in the parl in Indya, it's not even funny anymore, nor is it unkwn...i thnk deir rationalty is tht dey are getting a NEW, 2nd chnce at life, which is absurd..
on Feb 27, 2013 , 11:50 pm
Naveen Kumar Kurrey
isi karan se congress ka down fall hote ja raha hai
on Feb 19, 2013 , 08:18 pm
Pawan Kumar Kaushal
The M L A should not have been sworn in so long as he is absolved of the case
on Feb 05, 2013 , 08:34 pm
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