'Mother-in-law forcing me to lose weight'

on Jan 04, 2013 , 12:48 pm
My mother-in-law has always had a problem with the way I look. Ever since I had my first child, I gained a bit of weight and since then, she has been after my life to lose weight.

She makes it a point to embarrass me in front of her friends and relatives. She taunts me every time I get my plate to eat. Living with her is becoming a nightmare.

Why can't she let me be? Should I lose weight just to please my mother-in-law?

A V Subramanya
Calculate your height in CMS and deduct 100 from it. The remaining is your ideal body weight. Decide yourself. Obesity will cause many problems at later age if you do not control at right time. I agree, your M-I-L should be little diplomatic in expressing rather than blunt. But she is your MIL and you have no choice.
on Jan 25, 2013 , 11:47 am
Neha Singh
She's just jealous u've delivered a baby..Nothing else..I always think of how I'd scream at such vile ppl who would try to break my sanity..I can't ask you to chill, bec she's really going overboard..At a party just blow the trumpet and blow her brains out..
on Jan 07, 2013 , 03:15 pm
Shruti Jamwal
So wht dear... it shudnt matter you... u shud b smart enuf to give her an answer sweet enuf not to ofend her, but mean while it shud clear ur point as well.. so flaunt ur weight..!! Cheeerss !!
on Jan 04, 2013 , 11:43 pm
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