'Married but want to cheat'

on Jan 24, 2014 , 03:25 pm
Please don't judge me. I am a 40-year-old married woman with 1 child who is off to college now. I stay in Delhi alone with my husband and feel trapped with him.

I love him but I am not sexually attracted to him at all. We have no had sex in over 4 months now and I feel he does not cater to my needs.

I really like this other man in my office who is younger and smarter. He has shown interest in me and I am very very tempted to cheat. What do I do?
Varun Raj
get divorce...not good cheating
on Apr 28, 2014 , 09:18 pm
Murali Krishnan
If you want to cuckold your hubby, take him into confidence. Discuss with him frankly.
on Feb 28, 2014 , 03:59 pm
Ajay Pathania
looking like that...whatever
on Jan 28, 2014 , 12:44 pm
Arni Manoj
Read this till the end......Go ahead do it once. Then you will get tempted to do it again. Probably the 3rd time u will get over your guilt. Then you wont write here to seek peoples views. Then 5th 6th 7th....after that probably you will writing to another column seeking advice on sexually transmitted diseases. All this time your husband is not going to be a fool. He will know sooner or later. You will loose him and your kid and all the great life he is giving you and your kid. Think of him and ur kid, he slogs to give all the comfort you want and just because of your sex drive you want to give up all. No court will support you. All the best.
on Jan 28, 2014 , 10:07 am
if do not want to get judged then why are u posting just for publicity or TRP u claimed that you love your husband but he is lost interest in sex,a nd that’s why u want to cheat ur husband for a younger man, have u ever see urself in mirror if not first see urself then decide who is responsible to lost interest in sex???
on Jan 27, 2014 , 05:48 pm
Sreejith Ramadasan
Just think how it will affect your son if he comes to know his mom is cheating on his father..it may seem a small thing and you would want to make sure you are happy too but it sends wrong signal to him and you might screw him for life..what if he does the same with some other female lets say a friend of yours what would your reaction be if you came to know that he is having sex with a friend of yous who is older than him...not judging at all but its your choice to make and the consequences of the action will be there for you to face too...
on Jan 27, 2014 , 08:27 am
That is why marriage is more like a contract in Foreign country which can be broken if one desires and not so in our country and latest seems to be of that type of going in for divorce in case the relationship cannot continue. Will your son accept the decision if any taken by u boldly as well the staff in your office is realiable
on Jan 27, 2014 , 07:03 am
Roosha Rush
There goes one saying that " Knowledge of Stealing/ Conning is Greatest Art until you get caught ". Same goes for Cheating as well. But, most importantly, You must first ask your conscience. If you can stand the test of your own consciousness then decide accordingly. But stop suffering from in-decision. Because that is more painful. Decide either way, once for all.
on Jan 27, 2014 , 01:28 am
Shashikanth Balepura
If u do not want to get judged, why are u posting it here, in your case, u have reached a stage where you are claiming that you love your husband, but not sexually attracted to him, whose is at fault, whether he has ignored you or since you have lost interest in sex, u are feeling that way, secondly you have a son, whose responsibility cannot be just thrown at someone and leave, thirdly, this office fling which you are mentioning, is that person married, are u just interested in sex alone with no love and other strings attached, or is that person just taking you for granted, anyway married with kid, even if i enjoy and leave, sky will not fall, what are you running behind him for, sex or love, just do a small exercise, go to his house and in front of his parents, tell them, i love your son, i am 40 years old, older than your son, i have a son, i am married, but not happy, want to marry your son, see the reaction of your fling and his parents, then u can decide what to do next, i would personally advise, have a heartful chat with your husband and come to a conclusion, life is different after 15+ years of marriage, if your so called office fling cheats you, then you will be nowhere, even your son also will reject you. Personally do not mess up your life and anyway lastly it is your life, do what u want, this is just our opinion.
on Jan 27, 2014 , 12:12 am
Arif Hussain
either kill the woman inside you or kill the "wife" whom her husband don't care (sexually) anymore. it's your choice, we live very short in the world, and I would question you that if you don't know if you are going to see the sUN tomorrow, then why not make the most of the today, that you have. why you care about the society when the society don't care about your happiness?
on Jan 26, 2014 , 11:20 pm
P replies to Arif Hussain
If everybody thinks enjoy today as it is not assured whether we can see tomorrow then the world will never move as every body will be worried about today's life rather than future life
on Jan 27, 2014 , 07:08 am
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