Male vs Female boss

on Jan 09, 2013 , 11:17 am

I think it's always better to have a manager of the opposite gender. As a girl, I am stuck with a female boss and that is pathetic.

Girls have an innate quality of excessive jealousy and once that jealousy arises at work, god help you. My female boss is always jealous of me due to which she derives some sick pleasure from refraining me from promotions. Also, girls are so bitchy in nature and that affects the work input and quality.

What do you guys think? Having any boss over your head can be frustrating but if you have a choice, who is better? Female boss or a male boss?

Anjum Seth
I agree Mahendra. Females are very jealous in nature which is why they can stoop to any level to get attention ! It sucks
on Jan 16, 2013 , 02:23 pm
Rahul Pandey
I'm saying yes they are worst. They are treating all employee as a family employee. They can manage better relation but sometime it worst. For a better decision, long term prospective, new thinking and company growth. you know who...
on Jan 16, 2013 , 02:14 pm
Kripa Parekh replies to Rahul Pandey
I think a boss is a boss is a boss. There is no male female situation there. If you have a bad boss then you just can't help it. Your boss could be horrible even if he's a male or a female! There is absolutely no way you can guarantee that if it's a male boss then he'll be better. And a female boss will be bad.
on Sep 17, 2013 , 11:21 am
Mahendra Karandikar
Well, its a fact that females have excessive jealousy and have a nack of indulging into smallest bits of tussels which men are not into. They take pleasure from or get trauma from smallest of the things which men do not bother of. Therefore if your boss is "Typical" female, then its a trouble if you do not understand her emotions. and if you do,... then world is yours!!
on Jan 16, 2013 , 01:22 pm
Neetole Mitra replies to Mahendra Karandikar
Please! Males are equally petty! They have huge egos and are always insecure that someone else might be more appreciated/respected/liked than they are. I have had a series of horrid males bosses. In fact this is the first time I am working with a female boss. She is definitely 100 times better than all the puny male bosses I've had till now!
on Sep 17, 2013 , 11:18 am
Subrahmanya Bhat
Not necessary that all the female bosses like this. try to do some soul searching. Try to find out what pleases her and do that. In our life, we do not have choices on two things. First is our parents and second is our boss.
on Jan 14, 2013 , 01:35 pm
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