Make Sex Education compulsory in schools

on Jan 08, 2013 , 10:36 am
We are living in a country where sex is still a hush-hush topic. On the contrary, we have so manmy rape cases happening every day in the country. I strongly feel that govt should make sex education mandatory in schools so that we can teach our future generation to respect women and foster gender equality. They should know how to counter sexual harassment and domestic violence. We all should support this initiative and not create fuss over it. This may help in eradicating many evils from our society. What do you people think?
Aarzoo Waafa
educating married young couple and children is the best way to solve this problem.. coz every women n man should no their rights n not abuse them.
on Mar 07, 2013 , 11:37 am
L. N. Subramanian Mani
Teaching of sex education in school especially in our country India, is an far off dream which cannot come true in real for it's not that easy by looking into the tradition and spirituality. In India people are more spiritual than practical in their life and they will not like and also agree to impart sex education to their children.
on Jan 16, 2013 , 01:53 pm
Krupa Vara Prasad
Moral Science should be taught in schools before sex education.
on Jan 11, 2013 , 11:01 am
Aarzoo Waafa replies to Krupa Vara Prasad
well everywhere nudity and sex in film, music n magazines.. n vulgarity in language.. influence every1.. i agree with u.
on Mar 07, 2013 , 11:42 am
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