Is Nitish Kumar PM material?

on Mar 19, 2013 , 10:06 am
I think Nitish Kumar can be an ideal as a future Prime minister of India. He is widely acclaimed for his speedy progress of Bihar in a short span of time. I feel Nitish Kumar can be an ideal candidate.

And if someone like Narendra Modi could be considered for PM position, Nitish Kumar can surely outdo him. What do you think?
Akshay Oberoi
at first he must show his skills all over the india .....let him become the home minister will be a test of his skills.....although it seems a far dream bcoz nda doesnt have a leader to lead them........some ne like vajpayee
on May 26, 2013 , 02:38 am
Rishi Rathore
Narendra modi is better than any one else.he talks about development,india first,social reforms and men with backbone to take care of terrorism,riots and rampage.Best option
on Apr 02, 2013 , 11:00 pm
Sagar Gupta
yeah.. i support him.. He can do what ministers like Manmohan Singh failed to do. He is sharp minded, eager to face challenges... He can balance the situation ..
on Mar 29, 2013 , 07:31 pm
Ashwin Mehta
i am not an Indian Citizen, but an Indian, born and brought up in Africa(TANZANIA). i follow Indian politics very much, Nitish kumar has to prove his worth to become P.M. material, he has still to learn, give him another 10yrs, we can think after that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on Mar 23, 2013 , 11:52 pm
Dilip Ambardar
Simply No, not at all.
on Mar 22, 2013 , 11:35 pm
Ajit Walwaikar
Nitish owes his existence to minority votes and special stats to Bihar. Instead, he should have advocated - all are equal and nobody is above law - opportunity to grow to all. Had he been a PM material, he would have said I would give special status to India in the world. He is only Bihar-centric with no internal resources nor ability to attract the resources. He is handicapped by his predecessors also like Lalu who destroyed law and order and investors-friendly atmosphere.
on Mar 22, 2013 , 02:37 pm
Krishna Srivastava
Nitish Kumar is casteist. Hence, not suitable for any public post, let alone PMship.
on Mar 20, 2013 , 04:33 pm
Though Nitish has proved himself in Bihar but needs to do a lot. and for the development in Bihar he alone can not claim the credit BJP is also there . Where as NaMo has proved himself against all the odds of Politics. Secondly Nitish has shown his character of opportunism . When he required BJP support to come to power he used them and now when he has majority he is playing arm twisting politics..
on Mar 20, 2013 , 11:38 am
Kishore Gharat
One & only Mr. Narendra Modi is the P M for India. We want to see that AMERICA should come to Wel -come him as PM
on Mar 20, 2013 , 11:07 am
Nitish has still to prrove hime self for a "Vikash prush".First he has to develop bihar like modi did in 10 years . if you compare the modi/Nitish model (Nitish is alwayes crying/beging for center but Modi Never beg) . it is just waste to compare both . Because Nitish is still too far from the way Modi is working .
on Mar 20, 2013 , 09:58 am
Adesh replies to Amit
Yes Nithish is always begging where as Modi has implemented all programs on his own. Modi is one who can show the world what is Real India.
on Mar 20, 2013 , 11:41 am
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