Is gold jewellery investment a good idea?

on Apr 08, 2013 , 11:24 am
My parents invested in a lot of gold jewellery but now that they want to sell it for cash, it's turning out to be a big loss for them. They buyers are offering a price much lower than what they invested. Apparently, jewellery entails making charges while buying. But only the weight of gold will get you money when you want to sell. 
If you want to invest in gold, buy solid gold. Not jewellery. You'll only end up in loss like us.
Jitendra Bhatt
GOLD ETF is good option instead of jewellery items or coins.
on Apr 09, 2013 , 10:22 am
Harpreet Kaur
Instead of jewellery items, you should buy gold coins and biscuits that have a better resale value.
on Apr 08, 2013 , 03:18 pm
Nina S
its true that investing in gold jewellery isn't a great option but the problem is that most Indians still prefer the conventional ways and they don't know about the truth
on Apr 08, 2013 , 03:18 pm
Manjunath R
Even Solid Gold there will be loss while buying and also while selling they will be deducting some or the other charges which we will not know, Investment in gold is not worth.
on Apr 08, 2013 , 12:14 pm
Nina S replies to Manjunath R
Please tell me more about this? Why will solid gold result in loss?
on Apr 08, 2013 , 03:19 pm
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