I am attracted to one of her friend.

on Feb 28, 2013 , 01:35 am

I love my wife from bottom of my heart and she also loves me a lot. We take care of each other's need. My main problem is I am not satisfied with my sex-life because of her sickness. We sex once in a while. We talked about this but nothing works.

I am attracted to one of her friend. I already know that she is also not happy with her husband. Should I approach her.......

Rahul Kumar
Dude offcourse hang out with other girl if your not happy with you wife. But make sure you never leave your wife for any reason. Just keep loving her and you may even confess that you are dating other girl. At the end make sure every1 is happy.
on Mar 26, 2013 , 02:11 pm
Rajesh Verma
why you attracted to her friend-dress/body/nature/ficiancially/sex/talking to your parents very policitly/any other reason.You hate your wife due to her sickness this causes you underestimate your self w.r.t sex.If you see porn movies then stop them.Stop thinking negatively about her or her family member.you will start love to her.Do more sex with her and every time you recall her a new name.
on Mar 02, 2013 , 08:15 pm
Raaj Thakur replies to Rajesh Verma
Hi Rajesh first of all i never said i hate my wife, i care her as i can. i only said i m attracted to her friend because i m sexually not satisfied because of her illness (we can not try more thing, she is very dull in bed). I tried lots of thing as you suggested but nothing working...
on Mar 26, 2013 , 03:13 pm
Neha Singh
U hvnt mentned ur age. Men r 2 physcl whereas wmen cn do widout so much physicalty...If ur young, u shud try a nw person, bt if ur ovr 40, thers no need...
on Feb 28, 2013 , 01:40 am
Raaj Thakur replies to Neha Singh
Thanks Neha i m 33 right now.
on Feb 28, 2013 , 02:26 am
Neha Singh replies to Raaj Thakur
Thn u cn find out if u really wnt it, and let ur wife knw so tht u all r comfy..If in cse u wnt to overcme it, then try spirituality...
on Mar 03, 2013 , 01:29 am
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