Delnaaz's eviction was pre-planned!

on Jan 10, 2013 , 10:14 am
One of the strongest contenders to win Bigg Boss season 6, Delnaaz Paul got evicted from the show in a rather surprising midnight eviction. It was shocking indeed but I think it was pre-planned. Maybe show makers didn't want to make it obvious for viewers by letting Delnaaz win the show. Don't you agree?
Rajinderpal S Kake
just like the games are fixed this BigBoss6 also is fixed. Imam is given the task to make angry all the inmates except Sana.Imam is just following the instructions of Big boss.I understand this was not shown in the well Sana also is made understand not to get angry with imam's stupid acts. Del was sent home for no reason. everything is being organized to make Sana win.
on Jan 11, 2013 , 05:00 am
Wilson Manohar Sushil Simon
There is no doubt about it. The bigg boss is big loss for people with rational. Biggest Bakwass i have ever seen on a TV. Every eviction is scripted and the Anchor is having a blast at the cost of the contestant. Imam is the biggest moron and keeping him in the show is the utter stupidity and a joke played on the viewers.
on Jan 10, 2013 , 09:22 pm
Zia Suri
Im 200% agreed, its fabricated show, where every eviction is designed by makers not audience, how come it possible, when ppl r fond of her, she was elegant, graceful, morally best human in da house, where all others r filth. So u cud better judge wat is biggboss?
on Jan 10, 2013 , 08:44 pm
Azmat Zuberi
Bull Shit the only person who deserves to win for his constant entertainment value is Imam, the only thing we see is him doing something stupid to entertain or the housemates talking about him.
on Jan 10, 2013 , 07:20 pm
It was both crude joke on viewers & rude jolt to Delnaz to be evicted so suddenly outside the pattern of the Show..Bigboss this time has been a bigbuckwaas.It is also obvious that the show is being scripted to suit the Presenter.Now baring Imam no one else is worth watching but very smartly he has been simply kept inside the House to attract viewership while the winner has been already decided.What a sorry state of affairs.
on Jan 10, 2013 , 04:17 pm
Suranjan Purkayastha
Big boss show is cheating game, you can't judge good or bad person from this game; no caliber is involved. All over it's nonsense.
on Jan 10, 2013 , 03:51 pm
Mithu Sarkar
Absolutely doubt about it. Bigg Boss has utilized the divorce between Delnaaz and Rajeev for last 3 months and now as Sana came in to add more spice, Delnaaz has to leave. RIP Bigg Boss 6 Alag Che!!!
on Jan 10, 2013 , 02:02 pm
Subrahmanya Bhat
The previous night she got highest points. The next night she was lowest and evicted. Each and every thing in BB is scripted to get the TRP. Why Imam is still there in spite of creating too much nuisance in the house? He is mad.
on Jan 10, 2013 , 01:56 pm
Suresh Shivadey
I think she deserved to go.Simply remaining self righteous and sanctimonious does not help in realty show of this nature.By doing so one doesn't add value to the show.She may do well to participate in realty show depicting display of advanced spiritual power.Besides brother and mother also helped her in her sudden fall from grace.Better luck next time.
on Jan 10, 2013 , 12:58 pm
Amit Israni
its been one of the worst BIGG BOSS season so far.SALMAN has only tried make trps out of rajiv-delnaz divorce. last 3 months have been real bull shit. though it was perseved to be family show.......sorry salman it havent lived up to any expectation......RIP ALAG 6.
on Jan 10, 2013 , 12:47 pm
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