Delhi gangrape: Has India really changed?

on Jan 16, 2013 , 11:51 am
The Delhi gangrape brought out the gruesome reality of women safety in the national capital.
People from all walks of life came out to the roads and held marches and vigils. But still there are new rapes reported almost everyday, the most recent one of a minor raped in her school in Goa!
Now that a month has passed since the inhuman Delhi gangrape, has India really learnt anything?
L. N. Subramanian Mani
No lesson has been learned about the Delhi gang rape nor it will be learned in future as long as the people especially the criminals change themselves for better and become a good human being then only changes will take place. As long people look at a girl / women as an sex object and pounce on them no one can stop such crime and the law also cannot do anything about it.
on Jan 20, 2013 , 10:46 am
Mayurnath Reve
Alas! not even by a fraction has society changed post-Delhi Gang-rape coz we still read abt molestation & rape cases in newspapers.The only good thing in all dis tht girls r freely coming out 2 lodge FIR's against such brutal crimes, but otherwise it's the same ol' SHIT!!!!
on Jan 19, 2013 , 03:49 pm
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