'Daughters are better than sons'

on Aug 28, 2014 , 01:46 pm

I've never been able to come to terms with people who think that having a son is a blessing whereas daughters are, sadly, still considered to be burden. I know so many families where the sons, once grown up and married, abandon their parents and wont even bother to look after them in later years of their life.

But daughters would always be by their parents side & would take care of them by all possible means. I think high time we get out of this stupid notion, because clearly daughters are better than sons. Whats your opinion?

Koduri Kishorekumarchowdary
William Dsouza
I have two daughters and a son-youngest. I can understand your feeling.
on Oct 25, 2014 , 02:55 pm
Arpan Gupta
nope...it's situational
on Oct 24, 2014 , 04:55 pm
Sukdeb Chattopadhyay
On most of the occasions answer is yes.
on Oct 19, 2014 , 03:42 pm
Praful Datkhile
on Oct 19, 2014 , 03:26 pm
Anant Kumar Mishra
yes they are....
on Oct 17, 2014 , 09:57 pm
Night Crawler
nice article
on Oct 17, 2014 , 04:30 pm
Avinash Gupta
on Oct 17, 2014 , 10:40 am
daughters are definitely more caring and loving . In any house it is almost always the women who make a difference in relations .They can influence their husbands in this matter .There is a rational way to look into this . Moms in law may be nice but they can never be mothers to their sons wife its natures way . Also our Moms in law are seen as someone to be respected and obeyed cause They can discuss your nature with their sons and we fear that this could spoil our relation .With your own mom you can say and do anything cause mom is mom she will love you no matter what At some point for the son the wife and his children are more a priority than mother .so small small petty annoyance turn big and the ill treatment starts . Its not as if the son does not love his mother but the priorities change . The daughter stays away from her maika and loves her parents and cares for their well being. Again natures way The bond is so strong there is no limitations on any doings .mom tolerates anything coming from her daughter. and there lies the difference . need we say more Its fear, respect, rules ,obey,attitude and bandhan (i dont know an english word for that )with INLAWS and love love love and more love with parents Kirti
on Oct 17, 2014 , 10:10 am
Kiran Jhamnani
both are equal
on Oct 16, 2014 , 08:24 pm
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