Criminals as our leaders?

on Feb 13, 2013 , 01:31 pm
According to the Govt., convicted MP's and MLA's who are facing serious criminal charges cannot be disqualified as they are a part of the fragile coalition Govt. Disqualifying them means losing majority hence the Govt will fall. Do you think we should allow criminals to be a part of our political system and rule us?
Why criminals & corrupt get related to politicians?
on May 15, 2013 , 07:04 pm
Naveen Kumar Kurrey
han yah sahi hai ki criminal record ke log election jeet kar aa jatehai. ye is desh ke liye shubh sanket nahi hai unke liye disqualified karne ka rule bhi hai uske bad bhi kisi party ke logo me himmat nahi hai ki use disqualified kar de kyonki sabhi hamam me nange hai
on Feb 19, 2013 , 08:17 pm
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