Can you stay friends after having sex?

on Apr 11, 2013 , 01:31 pm
I had sex with my best friend and it was in a spur of moment that we got intimate. Now I am afraid that I might lose her as a friend too. Is that true that your friendship gets affected badly if you end up having sex with your friend? What do you think?
Virendra Mehra
no, i don't agree. when sex is there than off course it has a consent of both, so, difference of opinion of friendship shud not arise.
on May 02, 2013 , 12:33 am
Gulab Meena
no comments are required.
on Apr 30, 2013 , 02:14 pm
Papai Mukherjee
ri8 if both r matured they have it its a major part of life....pls mail me girl
on Apr 29, 2013 , 11:06 am
Parthasarathi Mukherjee
I think Never bad reletion after closed friend
on Apr 19, 2013 , 09:38 am
Shaadi Bina Saath Raho
Sex is a gift of God, to be enjoyed by everyone and we must have sex if our partner is willing. Every thing else is immaterial.
on Apr 18, 2013 , 10:28 am
Deven Dias
Wait to know her reactions. Female minds are very complicated, hard to guess or know what she wants.
on Apr 18, 2013 , 09:08 am
Varun Gupta
i hv been through it too !! its a good feeling first few weeks ... we both decided to continue doing it ... and ultimately got engaged.. and now married since last 2 years ! happily married !!
on Apr 18, 2013 , 02:14 am
Sukanto Paul
if she enjoy it then she will again come back to u. dont worry
on Apr 17, 2013 , 11:33 pm
Mahesh Kumar
in friendship or love SEX is the last thing and it happens beyond this world and if you do remember that where, how and when it did happen then i am in doubt whether you both in any relationship be it friendship or otherwise. sex is beyond anything and it calls for the merger of two souls.
on Apr 17, 2013 , 10:00 pm
Dumma S
basically there is nothing like male-female friends, some way they will be impressed in some physical qualities of their friends. Till your encounter you both revoked yours inner calls and stood as friends, thats it. it can happen: here nobody stood back, that's natural instinct, because you both consider each other other as accepted at-least in sub-conscious mind, but outside you both are 'acting', repeat 'acting' as friends no problem, talk to her/him. you must some idea how he/she responds.
on Apr 17, 2013 , 06:33 pm
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