Can Narendra Modi beat Rahul Gandhi?

on Sep 16, 2013 , 10:48 am
If Modi becomes the PM, he will act as Hitler and will use the divide and rule policy which will result in more fights and riots!

Rahul on the other hand is educated and sophisticated who will use his skills to make India a better country for our future generation.

But Modi is getting a lot of importance due to the Indian media and his supporters. Do you think Modi has a chance of overthrowing the Congress government in 2014?
Varun Kumar
on May 12, 2014 , 03:16 pm
Varun Raj
nope..Rahul is a disaster
on Apr 28, 2014 , 09:17 pm
Amit Patil
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on Jan 15, 2014 , 09:04 pm
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on Jan 13, 2014 , 02:16 pm
Pradipto R Chowdhury
Mr.Modi proved his capabilities as minister and about Mr. Rahul Gandhi -- I suggest one must close his eyes take a deep breath and compare yourself with Mr. Gandhi as PM candidate , may be you can find few plus in yourself barring the fact he represents the most powerful family in India for the post as neither he or you have been tested as minister
on Oct 30, 2013 , 12:55 pm
better v should give chance to new party, because already congress as ruled 50 to 60 yrs. 50 yrs (congress) = 5 yrs(bjp) ,so v should give a chance to modi now because people of gujarath r not stupid to elect him 3 times to seeing his work people r elected to him.
on Oct 15, 2013 , 12:01 pm
freedom ,respect for women, unbiased towards any religion should be topmost priority of the nation 's leader..,,too much aggressiveness in a leader will not work in a country like India......Rahul Gandhi SHOULD BE THE NEXT PM OF A COUNTRY..
on Oct 07, 2013 , 07:58 pm
Raju Punewala
i agree ..most of the indian media are favouring Narendra Modi.. That's not good for any democratic country. Media should be impartial. Actually Rahul Gandhi has skills. He should get a chance.
on Oct 02, 2013 , 03:47 pm
Jaganathan Muruganathan
For anybody to be a outstanding leader, he must have rich knowledge and good communication skill. Rajiv has awkaward communication skill. There is no question of Raghul becoming PM during the coming election. So, a deep discussion on this topic is a waste of time.
on Oct 02, 2013 , 10:55 am
R Agarwal
We pay tax for development but monney is used for corruption, for purchasing votes by launching schems like distributing laptops, mobile phones, manrega which launched for poors but politicions uses for their supporters & not actual users, Food security bill which will also be used for politicions uses for their supporters & not actual users
on Sep 29, 2013 , 08:44 am
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