BJP's 'criminal' politics!

on May 20, 2013 , 02:42 pm
In India, our main two political parties are corrupt. If Congress is full of corrupt practices, BJP is no better.

News is that BJP has chosen a known criminal, Amit Shah to be in charge of Uttar Pradesh. Amit Shah, a close aide of Narendra Modi has cases of murder slapped against him.

And now, BJP has nominated him to be in charge of UP? What are they even thinking?
Anil Gupta
To eliminate hard core criminals in encounters in India is not new it is congress Soni Moni most corrupt team which is disturbed from Modi.Majority of encounters were done in congres ruled states.
on Aug 10, 2013 , 03:35 pm
Vidyoot Bhutani
Amit Shah was the Home Minister when Sohrabuddin a History Sheeter (with Criminal cases, working with underworld Check Wikipedia for his exploits) was killed in an Encounter killing. Thanks to theSICKular party - There is the case in a C.B.I. Court. By your count most Home Ministers of Maharashtra are Criminals as there have been over 350 Encounter Killings in that state. Many more encounters of Criminals in other states. So undoubtedly you are a victim of the propaganda.
on May 22, 2013 , 07:02 pm
Rishi Rathore
amit shah is a r8 person for UP...max seats Come from there only.
on May 20, 2013 , 04:10 pm
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