Are female condoms safe?

on Feb 08, 2013 , 01:47 pm
I have heard a lot about female condoms but have never used them. My female friends say that if your husband isn't keen on using protection, these female condoms are the best option to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

But I am too scared to use them. Don't know if they are safe and fully trustworthy. Can someone please share their views if they have used or heard about this.
Phani Kumar
100% safer than male condoms
on Sep 28, 2014 , 02:19 pm
Vikram Singh
yes they are safe
on Sep 24, 2014 , 10:54 am
Sandeep Kumar
Women grow long nails. When you handle the condom, you should be more careful to see that the condom is not torn.
on Sep 23, 2014 , 11:37 pm
Vinay Malhotra
No one has "SHACKLED YOU". Consult some Expert Sex-Specialist & Gynaecologist & act accordingly. There is a no sense of consulting/putting questions etc., on this "PECULIAR SUBJECT" and disturbing your Mental Agony, Disturbing Mental Agony & Depression, which would go "ALL IN VAIN"
on Aug 27, 2014 , 07:30 pm
Madhu Kumar C
Rather than safe, not heard very much on the same
on Jun 15, 2013 , 12:18 am
Shree Prgnd
Please can anyone explain ways of family planning. Initially 1 year I dont want kids. I know condom is the one of the way. However my partner doesnt comfortable with condom. Please can any one provide any other possible routhe to enjoy??
on Feb 11, 2013 , 11:56 am
Dp Htman
Use pull out method. I am doing it for over 10 years and no problem. W love it. He should pull out before dispensing. I know dispensing in side is most amazing experience and great O' but once he gets used to it he will love it. You can also give him orl job he would love it and you both will enjoy equally and also ask him to give you toung tip/lips you would mo@n like anything and would want more. I would suggest pull out method and add more 4pl@y and orl. Enjoy it and have a great fun.
on Feb 10, 2013 , 05:18 pm
Shree Prgnd replies to Dp Htman
Hi dear could you explain the "pull out method" really it is safe! to avoid the fregnacy.
on Feb 11, 2013 , 11:28 am
A V Subramanya replies to Dp Htman
You are lucky that you are not conceived. Sperms also leak in pre lubrication fluid and if it happens during the ovulation period, there is every chance of conceiving. There are also safety period like seven days from the first day of MC and seven days from the due date provided one's cycle is regular. But, one cannot predict the nature.
on Feb 10, 2013 , 07:48 pm
Shree Prgnd replies to A V Subramanya
You mean 7days after the MC period we can have contact without condom? Is it safe to avoid preqnancy!!
on Feb 11, 2013 , 11:44 am
Satyendra Tripathi replies to A V Subramanya
this man is insane plz do not listen to him
on Feb 11, 2013 , 07:52 am
Dp Htman replies to A V Subramanya
Yes, AV you are correct. There is a chance but we may be simply lucky. After having two sons in 3 years, both of us didn't want to go for family planning started pull out method and found that it's working and working for last 10 years so what do you want. That is proven for us now. Hope that works for others. Best luck and keep enjoying.
on Feb 11, 2013 , 12:03 am
A V Subramanya
Either male condom or female condom, they are not 100% safe. Male condoms are easy to wear but with female condoms you should be more expert while inserting. Any slip or gap will result in sperm entering the uterus. The maximum complaints I have read is about condom tearing which is also risky. Women grow long nails. When you handle the condom, you should be more careful to see that the condom is not torn.
on Feb 10, 2013 , 11:38 am
Soumitra Sen
They are very safe but very clumsy to may not like/enjoy,also very costly compared to male condoms.that's why not so popular till now in India.if your Hubby is responssible the he will not use male condoms.they are much easy to use.
on Feb 10, 2013 , 11:08 am
Kirti Deol replies to Soumitra Sen
oh is it? i thought they would be easy to use for any female who wants to
on Feb 11, 2013 , 12:59 pm
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