Are celebs like SRK soft targets?

on Jan 30, 2013 , 12:57 pm
Are celebrities often soft targets for politicians and people with vested interests? Sometimes what they say is often taken out of context and twisted out of proportion. Do you feel that when celebs make comments some of them are blown out of proportion for the sake of propaganda?
Neha Singh
News of SRK n Kamal Hassan leaving has come together, and is absolutely unfair to their fans..Just ignore them, and they have a pvt life; so just don't keep piling on for free benefits..
on Jan 30, 2013 , 05:43 pm
Neha Singh
I am sort of a mini celebrity, but I feel that they have no pvt life which is unfair altogether, because abroad, they are just ignored, but here they don't have any pvt moments, and their whole life is an open book...The press has to run a profitable business, but giving so much negative publicity to stars is really revealing ur envy for them, nothing else..
on Jan 30, 2013 , 05:42 pm
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