Abort child for better career?

on May 13, 2014 , 11:41 am
My best friend got married two years back and she just got pregnant last month. But she wants to abort her child because, apparently, she is not prepared to compromise with her career. She works at a very good position in her organization and she feels that having a baby at this stage would put an end to her career growth.

I have been trying to explain her that abortion isn't a good option and it can spoil her married life and create problems with her in-laws and husband too. But she is not ready to listen to anyone and is so adamant. Do you think it is okay to opt for abortion for better career?
Anish Pujari
she is out of her mind to abort a innocent life for career this is so sheer stupidity, than why haven't they got into family planning if career was so important to her ?
on Jun 10, 2014 , 11:49 am
Sumaiah Dsg
I cannot believe your stupidity and the people who are responding to you. First of all, lady, this has nothing to do with you. It is her life, and i am sure she and her husband have given a thought to pros and cons. How can you interfere in someone else's private matter to this extent that you are putting it on a national newspaper? While you are at it, Why not put her photo and phone no also and be done with it? Secondly, if she is really not willing to compromise, then who will take care of the child later on? Will you? If you are that keen on taking care of a child then adopt one of the millions of homeless children. Third, how do you know the complete issue , she may not be telling all the details. The pregnancy might be unplanned, there might be some complication, they might be having financial problems that prevents her from leaving job, she simply may not want a child - trying to force your choice on her and asking people to side with you shows your immaturity. I have 2 beautiful kids and love them to death but just because i wanted kids, i would not dream of forcing my choice on others. Grow up and let others make their own decisions
on Jun 10, 2014 , 10:47 am
Sreejith Ramadasan
You said she is adamant and stubborn you cant reason with such people all you can try to do is manipulate such people..take her to some family were little babies are there and let her see them..they say every woman has a mom inside her how much ever she talks about not wanting them if then too she wants to abort then there is nothing anyone can do is there? let her know this that by choosing career she might be murdering a new life and destroying her existing life in a way...forcing such people is never the solution because they always think they are right and i dont understand if her career was so important why not use protection or even better never get married marry the career itself..
on Jun 10, 2014 , 08:39 am
Sonal Karnallu
I think to abort is never a good choice. I dont think it will be a huge impact on her career. I will suggest her to consult a her mom - dad and husband.
on Jun 10, 2014 , 12:10 am
If she is so much career minded that she puts it before marriage and family then she would have been better off remaining single and just fulfil her desires with live in relationship. The one amongst many reasons to marry is to have a family which is a blessing to a woman. Remember not every woman can be a mother but every mother is a woman. By aborting her child will send out wrong signals and depress her hubby, his and her family. But it is her who has to carry a baby and she should not bring the baby in this world if she is always going to put her career first and let the baby be neglected. Only thing which she should remember that it is the goodwill and love of her hubby and relations which does not die down whereas careers do not create any love or affection but stress after stress. Choice is simple live for love or career.
on Jun 09, 2014 , 09:39 pm
Sameer Behl
sorry to to say but she is really disgusting, ask people who cannot have a child they may like to slap her. Nobody has a right to take a childs life unless it is a medical termination
on Jun 09, 2014 , 08:24 pm
Ankit Gupta
It is her choice .. but she should also consult with her husband otherwise her marriage would be on rocks
on Jun 09, 2014 , 06:43 pm
Shashikanth Balepura
To be very frank, it shows stupidity from her side, if she was so sure of her career than family, she should not have planned at all, now she wants to abort the unborn child for the sake of career, what is the fault of this unborn child. What if the company where she is working aborts her just like that without any reason, she will be nowhere, neither baby nor job. She could even check whether the company offers her maternity benefits unless and until she has signed some pregnancy clause while joining and which she is not ready to reveal the actual reason.
on Jun 09, 2014 , 06:17 pm
Pragya Kashyap
she is somewhat right but its too late. career is important but not at the cost of an unborn life. keep in touch with relatives and manage to call them for help.Abortion is not recommended. there are working lady at good position who have children.
on Jun 09, 2014 , 04:19 pm
Samit Mandal
it is no less than a homicide.
on Jun 09, 2014 , 03:22 pm
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