Traffic cops breaking rules!

on Jan 22, 2013 , 01:21 pm
So often we see traffic police flouting traffic rules so openly! There should be a complaint cell for such offenders also! Not only do they ask for bribe but they jump red lights and ride without helmets etc.
What should be done with such cops?
Amit Agrawal
kanon adha hota hai
on Feb 28, 2013 , 12:17 am
Kalyan Sundaram
This is common on all Indian cities. Senior officers and public should give publicity for such law breakers !
on Feb 13, 2013 , 02:12 pm
Ramakrishna Udupa
Ceasar's Wife is and cannot be SUSPECTED...nor SHE can be PUNISHED.......and Now Read Between Lines....( Law Enforcers are at Liberty to Break the Law..)....still you do not understand??? Gateman can Open and Shut the Gate as and when he wants/like....and NONE....can ?....THAT'S all...
on Feb 10, 2013 , 10:20 pm
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