The cancer called Indian Police

on Jan 07, 2013 , 11:48 am

I happen to live in Dwarka just like the Delhi Gang rape victim Jyoti Singh Pandey. And just like her I have faced a hundred rejections while trying to get myself an auto from Select City walk mall to Dwarka. Left with no option but to take an over priced cab from Saket to Dwarka, this is a constant battle I deal with living in Delhi. Those of you who have no vehicle, good luck trying to use public transport in this necropolis. At least I still have the money to pay for an over priced cab, complacent driver thrown in for free.

Then there's the other time I tried getting an auto from New Delhi railway station one freezing winter morning. After futile attempts at getting my freezing rear into one, I approached a constable on duty. Only to be told, "Madam aap Metro se chale jao." Thanks! If only I had thought of that brilliant idea before.

So when I read about a Times of India reporter being threatened with dire consequences by the very same auto driver who refused to take her from Rohini to Model Town, I'm really not surprised. This city has broken all the known boundaries when it comes to not only dealing with women but with humanity at large. So what happens when you dial that 100 number? Absolutely nothing! The police like its filmi counterparts will reach the scene of the crime late. In this case the reporter's feedback was taken a good half an hour after the incident. By which time it's anyone's guess where the criminal will be.

This incident reminds me of the time I dialed 100 to be dealt with in the exact same way. And this was a good 6 years back. Things haven't changed. The police are still apathetic as ever. My lawyer friends tell me the police is relunctant to file FIR reports as the police chowki with the highest number of FIRs recorded is usually the source of internal ridicule.

In fact trying to get the police to even give you a piece of paper and a pen while filing for a lost Press card is a Herculean task. Clearly, I'm my tax money is going to maintain a bunch of incompetent, unfit, regressive, psychologically challenged police force.

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Juan Matta on May 30, 2014 , 02:09 pm
if americans have obama Indians have MODI.. and Mr. Modi will change everything. every rapists alive will be hanged. all Italian scum head lobsters will be banged in their asses.
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