Police verification of maids is a must.

on Mar 25, 2013 , 03:51 pm
So many times i've seen educated people not bothered at all about doing a background check on their servants and then when something bad happens, they will run from pillar to post with no positive result.
I have had a friends who have left their child at home in the care of the maid to find out later that she was off on sexual escapades leaving their baby at home unattented and with the front door open. Such negligence from maids can only be countered if proper police verification is done of the. At least the scare of the police should put the fear of God in them.
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Vijay Nandan on Mar 30, 2013 , 01:36 am
Vijaya Rao on Mar 29, 2013 , 12:04 am
Are you kidding?? Do you think such people are scared of the police? Oh these people may know the weak points of men in uniform and manage to get over them. Best way out, chuck them out at the slightest of doubt. Reduce dependency of maids in our lives.... easier said than done but worth the try.
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