Freezing temperature: Poor & homeless feel the chill

on Jan 09, 2013 , 03:09 pm
I happened to reach the metro station at 6.30 am two days ago and was shocked to see some poor people sleeping on pavement and on metro station's stairs struggling to cover their numb bodies with torn plastic sheets. Government has been bragging about building shelters for homeless and poor. But as the cold weather in Delhi breaking records, the arrangements by Delhi government have fallen flat. Is the government sensitive or human towards poor people in the country?
Neha Singh
In the other street there are Bhaiyas who crowd around and bathe, cook, and sleep on the street. This has been there since I ws in school, and nobody does anything...
on Feb 19, 2013 , 07:37 pm
Neha Singh
You can help, but think of ur security first. You can guide them and show them NGOs that will help them out. Contact an NGO and show them these ppl. I have a whole Bengali crowd under my bldg that shouts incessantly whole night.
on Feb 19, 2013 , 07:36 pm
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