Food wasted at Indian weddings!

on Apr 25, 2013 , 02:14 pm
I attended a wedding in my neighbourhood last weekend. Since the venue was far from my house we reached the banquet hall around 11.30 pm. We waited for few hours and enjoyed food. While I was leaving the venue I was shocked at the incident that caught my attention. The caterers were rushing to wrap up their task and there was a huge heap of food lying in one corner of the garden area. I could not believe that so much food was being thrown away.

A short talk to one of the catering staffs gave me a clearer picture about this everyday wastage of food. He told me that in most of the Indian weddings food is wasted. Guests at the wedding have a habit of over-filling their plates despite knowing that they will not be able to eat that much food.

Besides that at every party there is extravagant display of variety of recipes. Every host ensures that there is abundant food for her or his guests. Therefore, a surplus amount of food is not consumed and hence goes wasted.

I can't believe in a country like India where there is dearth of water and food, where many poor people spend days on a single roti, how can someone waste so food? Can't we just ensure that all the extra food cooked at parties gets distributed amongst the beggars and poor?
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Rob Dhawan on Aug 28, 2013 , 02:41 pm
I want to do something but i need support for this..i have lots of ideas to stop this.
India Civic on Jun 10, 2013 , 09:01 pm
We waste a lot of food in India - even though as a fact we are a developing nation. I had an article recently which talks about food wastage and how we can help in a small way. ACT on the FACT: Food wastage in India
Rams Bvds on Apr 29, 2013 , 08:45 pm
In whats ways can we avoid this, we cannot tell each and every guest to not to waste the Food. whats the best idea so that every possible human being can implement.
Ramakrishna Aarya on Apr 30, 2013 , 01:50 pm
We can do one thing Rams need to put a small notice at venue saying that "Take it if you able to eat, or else the remaining waste should be washed by you and should be distributed to the road side people".
Rob Dhawan on Aug 28, 2013 , 02:47 pm
But this solution is only for elders not for children who waste lots of food...
Sanjay Rajkumar on Apr 29, 2013 , 02:31 pm
Yes, while thats true, there are some organisations which help with situations like this. Whenver there is excess food left over at weddings or functions and the host/caterer does not know what to do about it, call these guys. They come in a short while, take it and use it to feed the less privileged. I dont know the no. of this organisation, but guess we can search for it on the net. Kindly check.
Suresh Gemawat on Apr 27, 2013 , 04:16 pm
really disappointed to see lots of food go wasted in wedding.
Kanta Sharma on Apr 30, 2013 , 02:49 pm
No, It should be used to sell at restaurents not distributed among beggers, otherwise it will become the tendency of beggers to collect outside party venue and get food without any efforts which is very danerous too. Foremost measure to prevent wastage is to penalise the host of the party. He should be penalised on the basis of amount of waste he has generated. This will help to a maximum extent.
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