Domestic helps and their daily drama!

on Feb 19, 2013 , 02:29 pm
God save the working women! I am tired of tolerating the daily drama of my maid and cook who come to my house every morning and evening. Every other day one of these two women have some reason for not coming to work. Either their kids are unwell or they themselves. At times they have weird excuses like they had to change the house, there was a theft a home, children had to see some mela and so on.

Trust me, most of their excuses are sheer lame excuses. I myself caught them on street sometimes when they had given excuses of being ill. Huh!! we never get so many leaves and if we do it is leave without pay. But we don't dare to cut their salaries, if these domestic helps take leaves, lest we want to loose them. I feel most of the working women would agree with me. Wish we could do something about it!!!
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Neha Singh on Feb 19, 2013 , 07:25 pm
I have a serious servant problem, and my mum refuses to get rid of them. I don't mind doing the work myself bec I absolutely hate domestics. One of my servants has HIV and the other brings thieves to my bldg. Since everything is mechanised, it's better to get rid of domestic help bec they have a weird sense of judgement, and my bai also asks me, "Where is your laptop', insinuating theft. She has no idea about cops and feels they will allow her and her group to steal..
Neha Singh on Feb 19, 2013 , 07:25 pm
These ppl are ridiculous and I never liked them, since childhood..But we have a big home, and all of them always take advantage of our dependence on them. It's a thorough nuisance..
Neelam Nath on Feb 19, 2013 , 06:30 pm
learn to be more American,if family cooperates,this type of Reverse Exploitation can be warded is Sadist kick they get,by creating hurdles, having a feeling without them,the haves will be More dependent on the have nots..every job has a rule,but for the freebees only Promised,not our netas,competing with each woo this class..indirectly it is our taxes..distributed for free,for not working..
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