Biker gangs performing dangerous stunts

on Apr 30, 2013 , 05:25 pm
I could never imagine Delhi roads being so unsafe for commuters that you never knew what can happen the next moment. I have experienced this not once but several times.

There's a gang of young and middle-aged rowdy Punjabi boys who would come out on roads and perform dangerous stunts on bikes and scare almost every possible person who is on the road at that particular time. The other day while driving down at 11.30 in the night, these three bikers came in front of my car and went up perpendicular on their bikes.

I was not only scared to death but also lost control on my car's steering when I heard the rushing noise of their bullets. I didn't know what to do and how to react and shockingly, all this was happening despite strict night patrolling and police security checks.

Another incidence was when I was traveling by an auto and a gang of almost 6 bikers came on the road and started doing these risky stunts on their bikes. Isn't it strange that how such things happen in daylight and there's no one to keep a check on this or stop it.

Though their intention might not have been to hurt or scare anyone but I don't understand the whole point of creating such unwanted chaos on roads. Be it for attention or for sheer joy, such stunts can really take a toll on someone life's one day.
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Salman on Jul 23, 2013 , 10:57 am
action should be taken...................for safety
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