An argument with police

on Aug 16, 2013 , 04:20 pm

Few days earlier I was in BSNL office at Bajirao road Pune for registering complaint against poor broadband connectivity. After finishing my work I took the road in front of BSNL office to go around and bypass the Bajirao road which is one way. When I crossed and headed toward the road going to NM Wadia hospital suddenly traffic police (TP hereafter) stopped me.

TP: You came from no entry

Saquib: I would not have done that if there was a sign board indicating NO ENTRY

TP: There is a sign board go and see by yourself

(I went there and saw the sign board which was bent and hidden behind Innova car and a tree, I came back to TP)

Saquib: I agree that there is a sign board but it's bent, hidden and very difficult to see while driving.

TP: Go and talk to the Senior Police Officer (SPO hereafter, I didn't see the rank but she was wearing Khaki uniform).

(I had to explain SPO everything again, waste of time).

SPO: No Sir, There is a sign board and you have to pay Rs. 200.

Saquib: You come with me madam and please see the condition of sign board.

SPO: No, no, sign board is all right.

Saquib: I insist.

(SPO asked her subordinate to go with me, on the location I explained TP everything again, waste of time)

Saquib: (to TP) as I said, you can't see the sign board from here.

TP: But I can see the sign board.

Saquib: (surprised) really

(I asked people around there if they can see the sign board and everybody denied, we came back to the SPO)

Saquib: Madam nobody can see the sign board over there

TP: I can see the sign board

SPO: Ok Sir, you pay Rs. 100 and I will give you a proper receipt for it

Saquib: (100? It was 200 earlier) But why should I pay, it's not my fault

SPO: (after having conversation on phone) it's not our fault either; you can go and register a complaint with corporation about sign board.

Saquib: Ok I agree to pay Rs. 100 but you will have to give me in written that the sign board was bent and I was not able to see it.

SPO: (after having conversation on phone) ok you can go, don't make a big issue out of it.

(I kick started my bike and left the location).

Moral: Due to inefficient government machinery and apathy of government official's common man has to pay price even though he has nothing to do with it. The municipal corporation and Traffic police should have solved the problem between themselves instead of harassing common people.

Comments (2)
Mausoof Arif on Aug 25, 2013 , 08:36 am
The SPO should be suspended for not taking action to complain to authorities in respect of bent and damaged Board to rectify it. Instead Saquib should be rewarded for bringing damaged board to the notice of authorities.The Public servants have lost morality to serve people now a days and they go on performing monotype job to collect money by penalising people to reach their target.
Arorav on Aug 19, 2013 , 10:01 pm
This is India.
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