50 rupees happiness for poor kids!

on Feb 13, 2013 , 05:26 pm
I was walking past a market in Noida sector-18 when I saw a bunch of kids begging on roads. While I was dressed in warm clothes, these poor kids hardly had any clothes on their body. I gave a 50 rupees note to one of them and they all jumped in joy. I was happy but shaken by the difference a Rs 50 note makes to their lives. And we often spend many such 50 Rs notes on buying burgers and cold drinks. Wish we could do something substantial for these poor kids.

Good Work...atleast a common man can do a thing like that... And People say that India is Devoloping rapidly..maybe they mean in Corrupton-wise..lol..#
on Mar 03, 2013 , 08:13 am
Neha Singh
Most of the charity that is for the poorest doesn't reach them bec of the politicians and middlemen who grab away everything. There are so many NGOs doing so much but nothing is still enough...Poverty has been our enemy for so long, and we all just can't find ways to end it all...
on Feb 20, 2013 , 10:51 pm
Naveen Kumar Kurrey
ek taraph neta 23000 carore ka ghotala kar rahe ek taraph desh kuchh aise log bhi hai jinhe do waqt ka roti bhi nasib nahi hai
on Feb 20, 2013 , 09:14 pm
Naveen Kumar Kurrey
garibi door karne ke liye abhi bahut kuchh karna baki hai
on Feb 18, 2013 , 11:07 pm
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