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YUVA Unstoppable is a non-governmental organization in India. It works towards educating the underprivileged children of the society and involving them in various non-curricular activities. The organization is spread across 30 cities in India, with a task force of almost a 100,000 volunteers. YUVA’s founder and current CEO is Amitabh Shah, a graduate from the Yale University On his return to India in May 2005 after graduation, Mr. Amitabh Shah was stunned to find his 84 year old nanny in a deplorable condition. Shunned and abused by her sons, she had no money, and prayed for death. He enrolled her into a nearby old people's home, and shouldered her expenses. He was touched by the poignant stories of several other elderly people there. Soon dozens of his friends started visiting them twice a week. They also started going to orphanages, the local Blind People's Association, two slum children schools as well as poor vagabonds found near the railway stations.

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