War on Terrorism

The War on Terror is a term commonly applied to an international military campaign led by the United States and the United Kingdom with the support of other NATO as well as non-NATO countries. Originally, the campaign was waged against al-Qaeda and other militant organizations with the purpose of eliminating them. The phrase 'War on Terror' was first used by US President George W. Bush and other high-ranking US officials to denote a global military, political, legal and ideological struggle against organizations designated as terrorist and regimes that were accused of having a connection to them or providing them with support or were perceived, or presented as posing a threat to the US and its allies in general. It was typically used with a particular focus on militant Islamists and al-Qaeda. Although the term is not officially used by the administration of US President Barack Obama ...
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She was one among plenty of refugees,from a neighboring country torn by war and infightings.
She was a rape victim,as happens in all terror wars,wars on Terrorism,about people fighting wars among themselves to save whatever they can hold on,men suffer,women suffer more as the worst revenge upon the enemy is to take away something that cannot be got back easily,the Honor of Women,the travel time from this neighboring country to Delhi is about 5 hours,medical tourism to India was not heard 20 years ago,she was brought to deliver her baby. she seemed to be belonging to a good Family,her more »
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