Stop Violence Against Women

Stop Violence Against Women is a worldwide campaign of Amnesty International to counter violence against women. It was started on 5 March 2004, in preparation before International Women's Day. It is one of Amnesty's key campaigns. Amnesty considers that domestic and sexual violence are serious breaches of human rights and Amnesty should confront them. The campaign focuses on ending impunity for those who commit such violence, by pressuring governments to prosecute individuals and change laws to protect women. Amnesty is particularly concerned at the incidence of rape and other violence committed in conflicts such the Second Congo War and Darfur conflict.
Satish Singh
Tanumenam Tanumenam
Tanumenam Tanumenam commented on the blog by Harpreet Kaur
on Sep 16, 2014 , 03:29 pm
Harpreet Kaur - The fight for rape continues..
My Sunday turned out to be an educational one. Instead of lazing around and not doing anything productive I ended up learning a thing or two. And where did I learn all this, it was on television.  The anticipated show Satyamev Jayate, this season took the topic that literally shook the nation out of a stupor- rape. Post the entire Nirbhaya shameful incident. We have a lot of protest and public outrage that took place following the incident. In the show Aamir went on to discuss the legal, more »
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