Stop Honour Killing

Case 1: Geeta Rani of Hoshiarpur of Punjab, whose husband, Jasveer, was killed by a group of people from his village last month. Rani and Jasveer both were from different castes, with Jasveer's killers belonging to Rani's casteThey cut off his hands and legs and then killed him for "daring" to marry one of "their" women. Case 2:  A woman from Uttar Pradesh who belonged to a caste of barbers -- considered by traditional Hindu society as one of the lower castes --was repeatedly raped and finally killed by a group of higher caste Yadav men. Her crime was the her son had married a girl from the socially and economically more prosperous Yadav caste. Honour Killing is the practice of murdering a member of a family, caste, clan or community by the fellow members, where the murderers believe the victim to have brought dishonor upon their family, clan or community usually by marrying / falling in love with someone from a lower caste or status.  ---------------------------------------------------- 'Only whores can choose their partners' – a  Panch of village said adding further falling in love is a crime and those indulging in it should be killed. Source: This kind of mindset fuels practices like honour killing. Stand up to condemn him ----------------------------------------------------- Cases of  Geeta Rani or Shafila Ahmed are not isolated ones. Numerous other incidents happen across India only a few of them make headlines. Such killings are rampant in the pockets of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Orissa.  The violent practice stems from a primitive desire to control a woman’s physical and feminine self. It denies the fundamental rights of a human being. Deep rooted caste system nurtured by a supportive administration in rural India fuels this kind of mindset. Our heads should hand in shame as such heinous practices continue to happen in our country while the entire world is looking at us. If not now when shall we raise our voices? Calling all itimes members to stand up and urge the government to ensure that no life is lost in the name of a vague honour.  
Arjun Singh
Arjun Singh and 10 more commented on the discussion by Sahil Kakkar
on Jan 03, 2015 , 02:34 am
Sahil Kakkar - ‘Marrying outside caste STILL a taboo’
On one hand we talk about India shining while on other hand we have horrific cases of honour killing still on the rise. Is this is what we call progress? In a free world why is marrying outside your caste still has looked down upon? Shouldn't the more »
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